Century Game and DDC Tourney 2013

26 and 27 January, Wellington NZ

Early bird prices end on 10 Jan - you must at least be registered via this website by then (and preferably paid by then, but not essential) in order to get the low prices! (overseas players, you can pay with cash on the day)

Saturday:  The Century Game

  • One ultimate game to 100 points played by two massive hat teams, Good vs Evil.
  • The game goes all day, non-stop.  There will be about 30+ players on each team who sub on and off throughout the day.  Believe me, this always works out beautifully in terms of game time/lazy time balance for everyone!
  • On the sideline we have a bbq going from 12ish onwards, and delicious golden liquid will start flowing at a respectable hour.
  • Also on the sidelines will be random disc and drinking games to keep you amused when you're taking a break from the Century Game, along with your usual heckling.
  • After the Century Game pizza will be served and the party will continue at the field and in the club rooms next door.
Party Theme
This year the theme is "Hospital Pass" - all things medical - which is a bit of an obscure clue to the theme of the shirts (a surprise each year); kudos to you if you figure it out, but keep it a secret!

Sunday:  DDC Tourney

  • If you don’t know what DDC is – you’re missing out!  Go to this website to read more about it:  http://www.doubledisccourt.com/
  • During a leisurely breakfast provided at the fields, players organise themselves into teams of two and we start the DDC tourney around 11am… more bbq is available for lunch and we crown the DDC champions around 4pm.

Registration and Cost

Register by clicking on the 'register' box on the upper left part of this page and filling in the details - please leave the 'club' and 'captain' questions blank but fill in everything else!

You can register for just the Saturday, just the Sunday, or both days - both is definitely the best!  The registration price listed on this page is the early bird price for both days - $60 - which is a crazy good deal as it includes all your food and drinks (yes, even the alkamahol), a sweet t-shirt, plenty of ultimate, prizes and guaranteed good times!

The early bird price for just the Saturday is $50 (includes everything you get for the 2 day rego, except Sunday food and a chance to become the DDC champs!).
Early bird price for just the Sunday is $20 (only includes the Sunday food and glorious DDC glory-making).

All early bird prices end on 10 January 2013
 at which point each type of rego will cost $15 more and you risk getting no shirt, which would be gutting!

To confirm your registration pay the appropriate fee into the account below, with your surname and CENT as the reference.

Wellington Disc Sports Inc
03 0502 0924107 000. 


Mt Albert Park, Wellington, New Zealand
Camping on the side of the field is possible if you're keen, or sometimes people crash on the floor of the club rooms.  Otherwise there are a number of backpackers in town to choose from :)

2 days til Century! Field map for those who need it 23 Jan 20:49

Hi all

The weather is looking great for this weekend, and so are the Century teams - get ready for some hot ultimate!

In case you need to know:

Location: the Mt Albert grass fields are the ones by themselves on the right on this map (not to be confused with the light green hockey turf fields that...

One week to go! Details for the day 18 Jan 09:26

The Century Game is a week from tomorrow!

Game on at 9:30am.  

Not to focus too much on the drinking, but... turning up on time will be rewarded with earlier access to the booze - you can start getting into the beers 4 hours from when you turn up.  And no matter when you turn up, you can...

Pay today to ensure you get a shirt! 16 Jan 00:55

Account details:
Wellington Disc Sports Inc
Westpac Account # 03 0502 0924107 00
Reference: Your surname, CENT

Not long now! Some payments still needed... 11 Jan 02:59

Hey everyone, happy new year!

Thanks heaps for signing up for the 5th annual Century Game and DDC Tourney - this year's crowd is looking hot!

Because you all made my life easier by registering before the early-bird deadline (yesterday), you get an extended grace period for paying the...