Borneo Headhunters Hat 2013

Borneo HeadhunThors Hat 

We're back in 2013 for the 4th edition of Borneo's first ever Ultimate tournament.

Our theme has been set: Borneo HeadhunThors Hat. It's a Superhero/Comics theme, so whip out your costume (the more spandex the better) and save the party with your party powers - which can be super or otherwise, we don't mind.

Based on player feedback, we've decided to stick to our one-day format, which means you get to have a weekend break to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah AND a fantastic day of Ultimate.

Register and book your flights (Airport: Kota Kinabalu BKI) and come meet old friends and make new ones while playing competitive Ultimate on Borneo, 3rd largest island in the world.


Registration opens as of 12pm, Friday, 19 October.

The registration fee is RM60 and includes an awesome Sabah day filled with Ultimate, ice, water, bananas, lunch and a shirt in the colour of your team, plus an awesome award ceremony and party to close off the day. Other goodies may or may not be added, but will be announced as and when.

There will most likely be a disc.

We can confirm that it is not included with the low registration fee, so you can buy it if you want, but it won't increase your cost if you don't.

Cramp Prevention

This seems obvious, but we've had problems with this in the past so we thought this tournament we'll hammer it in from the start.

Kota Kinabalu is hot and humid and so far we've had bright sunny days on Tournament days, which inevitably leads to dehydration.  Dehydration leads to cramping and fatigue, easily solved by drinking enough water - but you need more than just water.

So be sure you take care of yourself. Drinking plenty of water AND make sure you replace your electrolytes (salts & minerals) by either regularly eating fruit or taking something like Gatorade or rehydration salts.

The tournament organisers will provide water - but please bring your own water bottle and rehydration supplements.

Venue Details

Date: Saturday, 2 March 2013
Location: Kota Kinabalu (specifics will be announced later)
Fees: RM 60 (you will receive details of payment once you're registered)

Registration Wait List

Our tournament player list is currently full. If you would like to be in our waiting list, please register yourself here at HatTournaments and drop us an email at to let us know of your interest.

BHH 2013 Schedules and Format 24 Feb 22:29

The 4th  Borneo Headhunters Hat is just around the corner so let’s satisfy your information cravings with important tournament information.

BHH 2013 Rules
Ultimate Frisbee is a unique self-refereed sport, but players still abide by rules governing it.  As such, we will follow the...

BHH 2013 - What to expect? 22 Feb 05:10

One more week to Borneo Headhunters Hat 2013. Have you prepared your costumes yet for the party? Once again, the theme is “Superheroes” and we look forward to your interpretation of it.

As always, the weather’s been unpredictable so be prepared for a rainy or hot/sunny tournament as in previous...

Tournament Shuttle Buses 13 Feb 14:02

Hey everyone,

Due to bus bookings, we need to confirm earlier the number of people using free tournament shuttles from the 3 pick-up points. For those that needed to be picked up from either Imperial Boutec Hotel, Borneo Backpackers (BB) or Borneo Beachouse Backpackers (BBB), please email us...

No turning back & merchandise preview! 17 Jan 05:58

Greeting Headhunthors!

It is a brand new year and I hope all of you are doing great. :) Borneo Headhunthors Hat 2013 is only 6 weeks away and I hope all of you are as excited about the tournament as myself and the rest of the BHH2013 committee. It is going to be exciting for sure and the committee...

Tour packages promotion 15 Jan 09:10

Greetings HeadhunThors!

6 weeks left to BHH 2013! Have you finalized your flight and accommodations plans yet? If so, please let us know if you plan to be picked up by tournament buses at any of the 3 allocated pickup spots in town during tournament day. Due to space limitation, we will only be...

BHH 2013 Player Info 02 Jan 10:06

Happy New Year 2013 HeadhunThors!

We've updated the player info and posted it up on google:

Please review your information and email us at for any changes/updates.


BHH 2013 Accommodation Deals 16 Dec 15:00

We are pleased to announce the following deals on accommodation for BHH 2013 participants!

Imperial Boutec Hotel

Imperial Boutec Hotel offers bare essential and comfortable place to rest, equipped with flat screen TVs and ethernet access in the rooms. Centrally located at Warisan Square, it...

Few remaining spots left 05 Dec 22:49

Greetings HeadhunThors Wannabes!

We've been getting quite a number of interests from people about the remaining spots for 2013's Borneo Headhunters Hat and the waiting list. The good news is we do have a few spots left so if you're interested, register yourself at ...

PAYMENT DEADLINE (23rd of NOVEMBER 2012) 19 Nov 14:33

Ohoy HeadhunThors Wannabes!

A kind reminder to all wait-listers that the payment deadline is approaching! The deadline is this FRIDAY (23/11/2012)! So QUICKLY grab your spots! Pay NOW or NEVER! 

Good Luck & Cheers,
BHHT 2013 Committee

Registration open to #151 - #217 11 Nov 04:11

Dear HeadhunThors-To-Be,

We've got good news and bad news

The bad news is if you were in the first 150 in the registration list(participants #1 - #150) AND have yet to pay for the registration, you are officially in the waitlist! For those who have paid, you should have...

Confirmed Participants Name List 09 Nov 11:35

Congratulations to the following HeadhunThors for being confirmed in the Borneo HeadhunThors Hat Tournament 2013!

1)   Aaron Kual
2)   Aaron Tan
3)   Abang Akmir
4)   Affiff Razali
5)   Ahmad Fauzi Abd Fatah
6)   Alan Cheng
7)   Alvin Chia...

Payment Deadline! 07 Nov 13:22

It's November 7th peeps!! No I'm not talking about the US election result! I'm talking about the deadline for the Borneo HeadhunThors Hat Tournament registration fees! To the first 150 registered participants: Have you sent your payment yet? If not, you may do so before the clock...

Borneo HeadhunThors Hat Tournament 2013 - PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS 21 Oct 03:06

Dear HeadhunThors-To-Be,

You're almost there! In order to be confirmed for this tournament, you are required to pay the RM60.00 registration fee as soon as possible BUT NOT LATER THAN THE 7th OF NOVEMBER 2012. However, ONLY CONFIRMED REGISTRATIONS need to pay now - participants #1 to...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Yasmin (Yasmin Patera) F
2. Joachim (Joachim Leong) M
3. Lan (Azlan Hamid) M
4. dolliwog (Emma Nawi) F
5. Clash Donnerin Happy Puppy (Richard Nelson Sokial) M
6. Sanam (Sanam Jagdish) F
7. Ayu (Rahayu Raziff) F
8. Yung Ming (Yung Ming Mah) M
9. Swe (Yong Swee Sin) F
10. faly rahman (Faly Rahman) M
11. Darren (Darren Ng) M
12. cheehong (Ng Cheehong) M
13. aaron tan (aaron tan) M
14. Freddie (Freddie Wee) M
15. AIman GEMUK (Aiman Azan) M
16. firdaus rahman (Firdaus Rahman) M
17. Razim Zakri (Razim Zakri) M
18. Teng Han Nyan (HeadShot Teng) M
19. Arthur Woo Kean Yip (Arthur Kean Yip) M
20. joeltay17 (Joel Tay) M
21. Timothy Tommy (Tommy Ace) M
22. Don Felipe (Don Felipe) M
23. Jill (Jillian Chahil) F
24. Jason Chiew (Jason Chiew) M
25. GuanHong (GuanHong Tan) M
26. Sze Jin (Sze Jin Ooi) F
27. Acah (Syahrul Nizam) M
28. Cheryl Chok (Cheryl Wen) F
29. Neek Choo (Nicholas Foong) M
30. Yvonne Tan (Yvonne Tan) F
31. donie (Donny Man) M
32. Kharis (Kharis Ishan) M
33. Khai khariyati (Khai Kamarudin) F
34. Christopher Tan (Christopher Tan) M
35. James (James Chang) M
36. Yat Sin (Yat Sin Yap) M
37. Elisha Choo (Elisha Choo) M
38. fatyandao (Clarence Zeng) M
39. Cheech (Chongshen Lee) M
40. Khairul Ikhwan (Khairul Ikhwan) M
41. aliff (ALiff Wan Zulkifli) M
42. WeiWen (Wei Wen Lim) M
43. syafiq rahim (Syafiq Rahim) M
44. Johnny Yap Wei Lin (Johnny Yap Wei Lin) M
45. Kai seng (KAi SeNg) M
46. How (Kam Hing How) M
47. Yanhui (Khow Yan Hui) M
48. skahn (S.K. Ahn) M
49. Zoe (Zoe Lee) F
50. King (King Tan Chiew) M
51. ReenaJ (Reena James) F
52. Ben Jin ONG (Ben Ong) M
53. Ee Va (Ee Va Chiam) F
54. Kumhoong (Wong KumHoong) M
55. Marcus Tan (Marcus Tan) M
56. shawn (Li Shawn) M
57. Nicky Sani (Nicky Otomen S) F
58. DanielKsk (Daniel Kong Seng Kit) M
59. Aaron (Aaron Kual) M
60. Greg (Gregory Quah) M
61. Ying (Qing Ying Lau) F
62. Dino (Chie Khan Chear) M
63. Jason (ChangMeng Jason) M
64. Ivan 'Hazard' (Ivan Soo) M
65. Rhu Yee (Ry Hui) F
66. Sam (Samuel Tan) M
67. Danial (Muhammad Danial Dzulkifli) M
68. Ilmi (Ilmi Azim) M
69. Samuel (Samuel Ng) M
70. Duckwing Huck (Erwin Wee) M
71. jason soon (Jason Soon) M
72. Loh (Loh Chee Hao) M
73. Edward (Ibrahim Edward) M
74. islapyou (Louis Yap) M
75. Dylan (Dylan Chia) M
76. Wendy (Wendy Wong) F
77. Thumbs (Tat Shing Tart) M
78. Joe (Joerel Marcus) M
79. Justin (Justin Tan) M
80. Md.Nur Fa'iz (Nur Rzq) M
81. Mariam (Mariam Hashim) F
82. Maliq (Aziz Samat) M
83. meridien (HuiLu Chia) F
84. Hui Ying Ang (Hui Ang) F
85. Faith (Faith Cham) F
86. Josh (Joshua Ng) M
87. safwan (Safwan Mohd) M
88. Ethan Law (Law Chan Yan) M
89. Chyi (Meychyi Wong) F
90. grandma (Tee Sim) F
91. calvin ong (Ong Leong) M
92. Fcc (Foo Chuen) M
93. Hard Die (hadie affendie) (Hadie H) M
94. sheween (Shereen Wong) M
95. ash (asyraf asri) M
96. Ray (Rachel Taron) F
97. Jon (Jonathan Shield) M
98. Lex (Lex Ariff) M
99. Faizul ikhwan (Faizul Ikhwan) M
100. Amal (amal hayati) F
101. Sarancak (Sara Zulkifli) F
102. TJ (Terence Francis) M
103. King (Han King) M
104. whytespider (Rainer Yong) M
105. Daddy (Alan Cheng) M
106. Jack (Jack Yi) M
107. David (David Williams) M
108. nadia syahinaz (Nadia Syahinaz Ghazali) F
109. Amir Moslim (Amir Moslim) M
110. Rui Zhi (Yap Zhi) M
111. Charcoal (Charmaine Sze) F
112. Vivian (Vivian Tan) F
113. Jijah (Dak Kathy Kembali) F
114. Jonathan Goh (Jonathan Goh) M
115. Nazrie (nazrie abdullah) M
116. ORF (Oniel Rf) M
117. AILI (ai li chin) F
118. ARIF (arif siru) M
119. Junyi (Junyi Chua) M
120. beast (Scott Scottson) M
121. Beng Zhe (Beng Zhe Lim) M
122. Alvin (Alvin Wei Lun) M
123. Carroll (Carroll Moreton) M
124. radders (Radzi Adnan) M
125. Derick Wee (Derick Wee) M
126. aru (Ruhairi Abdul Rahim) M
127. Jien Yue (Jien Yue) M
128. Ray (Syahrir Hatta) M
129. Jijul (Hj Zool) M
130. Nana Dyana (Nana Dyana) F
131. Wilson (Wilson Chan) M
132. Gaadaa (Sylvian Gaadaa Gaadaa) M
133. Theghostdoc (Wong Weijin) M
134. Jul (Jul Padlé) M
135. Yana (Liyana Yusup) F
136. fizy (Soketsu Boom) M
137. Lisa (Lisa Low) F
138. Stephy (Stephy Yi NailsnWax) F
139. Ej (Ej Feliciano) M
140. HOOI (Hooi Chong) F
141. Kevin Tan (Kevin Tan) M
142. pG (Mohd Haffizzi) M
143. Kuan (Kuan Cheong) M
144. Mark (mark wong ket phin) M
145. Valerie (Mun Valerie) F
146. Jojogon (Joanne Tham) F
147. Emma (Emalina Bidari) F
148. Skymaster (Ryan Teo Jia Ming) M
149. Ed (Edward Hill) M
150. xiaokoo (Xiao Koo) M
151. Isaac Tey (Isaac Tey) M
152. Fredosun (Frederic Cruchet) M
153. Shimah (Shimah Sanusi) F
154. princehew (prince hew) M
155. ewe jin (Ewe Jin) M
156. Li cheen (Li Cheen) F
157. G (Fauzi Fatah) M
158. Alzrie (Alzrie Lanutz Ultras) M
159. Shawn Rowe M
160. Jason Kon (Jason Kon) M
161. King (King Tan) M
162. Farah Najwawa Azmi (Farah Najwawa Azmi Ultras) F
163. Rei (Wei Kang) M
164. Everette (Everette Burk) M
165. Russell (Russell Robson) M
166. Sunshine (Matt Heibel) M
167. Murali (Murali Subramaniam) M
168. Hannan (Hannan Hmt) M
169. Stevie (Stevie Zhi Feng) M
170. phaat (phaat shaminan) F
171. almah (Mohammad Aliff Mahli) M
172. Afiff R. (Afiff Razali) M
173. PiNKY (MrPinky Phk) M
174. peetah (Peter Ng) M
175. Thad (Thaddeus P) M
176. Yun (Xiang Yun Yang) F
177. Calvin (Calvin Lu) M
178. Lawrry (Lawrence Ulim) M
179. Eddie (Eddie Law) M
180. Arif (Arif Ashraf Ayob) M
181. Caleb (Caleb Kan) M
182. David (David Bruns) M
183. Mijan (Hamezan Hamsan) M
184. Zara (Zara Suhaimee) F
185. Jess (Jessamine Yee) F
186. Netty (Netty Elvis) F
187. Bell Loh (Bell Loh) F
188. Aiman Halim (Aiman Halim) M
189. far-hand (Farhan Roslan) M
190. Wawa Zalil (Wawa Zalil) F
191. israr (Israrfaiq Egha) M
192. zaki3d (Zaki Salleh) M
193. Diqs0n (Tan Niel) M
194. Jaydam (ADam TioNg) M
195. Carson Heng (Carson Heng) M
196. a²ron (Aaron Hiew) M
197. Ton (Michael Adeva) M
198. Tongkin Dean (Tong Kin Dean) M
199. Tabat (Zirull Hasan) M
200. Syamim (Syamim Haikal) M
201. arthur (Arthur Ambrose) M
202. Joshua Max (Shua Balangkas) M
203. ericvkh (Eric Voon) M
204. Boon (Ray Ang) M
205. Apek (Syazwan Nasir) M
206. Kong (Rozaimi Ramlan) M
207. Regis (Regis Cabaret) M
208. Ryan (Ryan Schaben) M
209. Fifi F (Fifi Fadzrina) F
210. Lan (Elaine Chang) F
211. Yi Shiuan (Yi Shiuan Yeow) M
212. Çozy (Rahim Abds) M
213. tracy (Mikoto Sora) F
214. Goh Yi Wei (Goh Yi Wei) M
215. jimaawn (Hirzi Aziman) M
216. Izzat Hassan M
217. Esther (Esther Ng) F
218. christian (Renn Lumague) M
219. Omelette (Owen Cortner) M
220. masbro (Abang Akmir) M
221. Waa (Wafi Said) M
222. Angel (Angelia Lee) F
223. Woon Kwan (Woonkwan Siew) F
224. Steffi (Steffi Edwin) F
225. Stewart (Hin Mun Cheng) M
226. Foo (lihui foo) F
227. Conan Teo (Conan Teo) M
228. Nat (Natalie Taron) F
229. Ash (Ash Win) M
230. Cliff (Cliff Tham) M
231. Daniel (Daniel Heng) M
232. Donny (Donny Doughty) M
233. kerol (Komeng Miow) M
234. syaril (Syaril Yusoff) M
235. Victor Wu (I'm Victor Wu) M
236. WoiiFiF (Mohd Afif) M
237. Sambo (Samantha Brumpton) F
238. Zel (Ezelle As) F
239. ekha (Eeiichaa Hz) F
240. Nick (Nick Kaufman) M
241. Heather Ann (Heather Ann Brauer) F
242. Elle (Elle Glenny) F
243. Leslie (Leslie Willis) F
244. Taylor Simpson F
245. Reuben (Reuben Lu) M
246. Charlie (Charlie Mercer) F
247. ecam PHSJ (Ecamm Phsj) M
248. Daus (Firdaus Rhd) M
249. odd3moris (Audri Moritz) M
250. Timc (Timothy Cheng) M
251. Buffy (Natalie Sisson) F
252. Jeff (Jeff Chua) M
253. Woody (Woody !) M
254. Aw Wai Onn (Wai Onn Aw) M
255. Fluffy (Tim Dodwell) M