Topi Cuti 2013


Format: Swiss-style (or an attempt of...)
No of teams: 8 maximum
No of players: 120 players (15 players max per team)
Cost per player: BND5 per person

Registration is now open and will end on 28th March 2013 with payments due on 31st March 2013 to confirm your spot. 

Bring your own shirts of:
  • Red, 
  • Yellow, 
  • Green, 
  • Blue, 
  • Black, 
  • White, 
  • Orange and, 
  • Purple ;)
Time and venue will be provided at a closer date. 


As we will be trying the swiss-style format for the first time, please be patient with us should we make or do any hiccups throughout the Hat. In order for us to learn, and make full use of this format in the future, we accept any constructive criticisms or suggestions you may send our way to benefit for future tournaments that will be held in Brunei -- email your ideas or suggestions to :)

Updates for the Weekend! 10 Apr 05:38

Ladies and gents,
We've approximately 96 players that will be playing this weekend (including 4 unconfirmed players), which will mean you will be split up into teams of 12-11 each (depending on the unconfirmed player's attendance).

The field we will be playing at is the UBD MAIN FIELD (A), the...

TopiCuti v3's Paid List 08 Apr 07:37

Hello all!
First of all, thank you to those of you who have paid your registration fee. This link will provide the most up to date paid list: If you have paid but your name has not been updated, kindly let Yasmin know asap.

If you have not paid, then contact...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Lan (Azlan Hamid) M
2. zimo (Zimo Aziz) M
3. eeds (Eeds Taha) F
4. Ton (Michael Adeva) M
5. nuai (Nuai Hr) M
6. Hymmie (Hymmie Adanan) M
7. bellekies. (Adib H. Awang) M
8. WoiiFiF (Mohd Afif) M
9. ayai (Ayai Hakim II) M
10. ndut (N'Duts D'Ys) M
11. ekha (Eeiichaa Hz) F
12. Zel (Ezelle As) F
13. adip (Adef Hw) M
14. Jit Jit (Yazid Yusof) M
15. diyana (Diyana Walamma) F
16. Daus (Firdaus Rhd) M
17. syaril (Syaril Yusoff) M
18. bibi (Jeem Rahim) M
19. miee (Miie Abd) M
20. masbro (Abang Akmir) M
21. almah (Mohammad Aliff Mahli) M
22. Daddy (Alan Cheng) M
23. Es (Esther E. Sil) F
24. apesh27 (Md Hafiz) M
25. ML Lutfi (ML Lutfi) M
26. Kamal Emma (Kamal Zaafarani) M
27. cath (Siti Cathyjah) F
28. Azzzz (Named Alai) M
29. Matt Ejal (Matt EJal) M
30. Eqah (Khaleeda Afiqah) F
31. Bojaaai (Zaidani Jupp) M
32. Jissy (Ajisscheese de Su) M
33. Nasir Amin (Teesya Batrisya) M
34. Ayeensc. (Ayeen Said Chin) F
35. Meyyrull (Meyyrull Hs) M
36. Khairuddin Matshah (Khairuddin Matshah) M
37. Zahir Nidd (Haji Zahir Har) M
38. Azim Yusma (Azim Yusma) M
39. yumsham (Qaiyum Sham) M
40. Lawrry (Lawrence Ulim) M
41. chacha (Ampuan Othman) F
42. deerah (Naziatul Sufri) F
43. teenhi (Mateen Hj Ismail) M
44. Akmal (Akmal Noruddin) M
45. khai (Khai Hj Wasli) M
46. Fira Hafizah (Fira Hafizah Suhaili) F
47. ejat (Esthat Sai) F
48. Ian Sam (Ian sam) F
49. Izz (Izz Suhili) M
50. Joey (Joey Sausan) M
51. Azimbakar (Azim Bakar) M
52. Sarif (Sarif Mahmud) M
53. Aena Saufi (Aena Saufi) F
54. Que (McQuad BeautyPretty) F
55. Bil (Nabilah Spry) F
56. Shai (Shaima Misli) F
57. Kim (Kimmy cr) F
58. Moxii Hmhm (Moxii Hmhm) M
59. Yuyu (Yuyu Asri) F
60. nooraini nooriman (Nooraini Nooriman) F
61. Mize (Hamizan Hag) M
62. Neil (Nelson Kob) M
63. Domchai (dom chai ) M
64. azlan (Azlan Kay) M
65. Ong (Ong Coprophobia) M
66. Tamrin (Amin Tamrin) M
67. eds (Edmund Komiti) M
68. Aj (Ainul Jaffar) F
69. MoSher (MoSher J) F
70. Neill-on (Neillon NeillJ) M
71. Fizz (Fizz Hmhm) M
72. Wan (Syazwan Sufian) M
73. adib (Adib Sai) M
74. Aneep (Aneep Hs) M
75. noobubui (Izzuddin Juffery) M
76. noonung (Ashri Haji Rosli) M
77. Hesyam (Muhd He-syam) M
78. Hisyam (hisyam khan) M
79. Hakimin (Hakimin Hussin) M
80. Nana Dyana (Nana Dyana) F
81. Ilmi (Ilmi Azim) M
82. Yaza (Yazafaris Yamin) M
83. Kumbrin (Haziq Mn) M
84. Zaim Akustika (Zaim Akustika) M
85. Walid (Walid Jafree) M
86. Ej (Ej Feliciano) M
87. Hal (Halim Hussin) M
88. Aimy (Aimy OMF) M
89. fizy (Soketsu Boom) M
90. Saiful ibrahim (saiful ibrahim) M
91. badut (Mohd Safwan) M
92. Ain (Nur'ain Walamma) F
93. Iskandar (Iskandar Pgs) M
94. ZFAY (Zelle Lee) F
95. afiq rahman (Apik Rahman) M