Hong Kong Hat 2013

Hong Kong's Ultimate hat tournament is going big this year! The news is that we will be playing on the newly built Happy Valley facilities, right in the middle of the spectacular skyline of Hong Kong. Amazing fields, great community and most importantly fun and spirited ultimate! What are you waiting for? Register now!

General info

  • Dates: 15th-16th June
  • Location: Happy Valley Recreation Ground, the newly built facility located inside the Hong Kong Racecourse, probably the most spectacular venue you'll ever have the chance to play in!
  • Age limit: 16+
  • Fees: 200 HKD early bird. 250 HKD after June 8. The fee includes: Jersey, Breakfast & Lunch for both days, 2 days of Ultimate, beer and soft drinks, Friday and Saturday party (you still need to pay your drinks, but they will be cheap!). Pay via:
    • Credit card using the "Pay fees" button above. You can also pay for your friends from the participant list!
    • Cash to Kingi if you pass by Hong Kong
    • Wire the money to: HSBC Hong Kong, beneficiary: Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association, account #: 809-499338-001. Please forward your payment slip to kingilaulau@gmail.com
    • If none of these work for you, please contact giovanni.lion@gmail.com
  • Reg Party (Friday 14th): @"The Chapel" to be confirmed.
  • Saturday party: TBD
  • Theme: Noah's Ark: get ready for climate change.
  • Join the Facebook event



  • Lincoln (Tournament Director) cheung.linghin@gmail.com
  • Gio (Activity Director) giovanni.lion@gmail.com

Give us your feedback! 20 Jun 06:07

Dear Animals,

The sun is out and shining, the flood is over and it is time to procreate (make babies) !!  Hope you are all doing well after last weekends festivities !

One last email from the organizers - we would love to get your feedback on the tournament, it will help plan our future...

Great weekend + Lost & Found 16 Jun 14:38

Thanks everyone for a great weekend !  Hope you saved your species !  It was a lot of fun, and hope to see you next year.  Congratulations to Black Rain for winning, and all the other teams for a competitive and crazy tournament.

On a seperate note, David Miller lost his cell phone...

Day two ! 15 Jun 17:16

Day two , where champions are made!  All 10 teams are still in the hunt !  Who will be this years champion ? ( besides everyone , haha get it ?)

9:15 am - yellow vs charcoal , azure s maroon

10:25 - green va brown , orange s navy

11:50 - black vs ______, indigo vs ______

$10 jäger just ran...

Day two ! 15 Jun 17:15

Day two , where champions are made!  All 10 teams are still in the hunt !  Who will be this years champion ? ( besides everyone , haha get it ?)

9:15 am - yellow vs charcoal , azure s maroon

10:25 - green va brown , orange s navy

11:50 - black vs ______, indigo vs ______

$10 jäger just ran...

Prepare for rain ! 14 Jun 07:40

If you haven't noticed already the flood is going  according to plan !!

We have gotten confirmation that the fields will stay open and games will continue despite the rain !!  In the event of thunderstorms we will pause games and seek shelter and drink beer. 

That means prepare to...

Your 2013 HK Hat Tournament Teams! 12 Jun 14:58

Dear All,

Noah has separated all the animals in the ark into their respective teams!  Please find the links to download the teams below...now you know your teams, check the schedule to know when your games start on Saturday !


Hat tournament teams 11 Jun 15:24

Dear hat animals !!

The teams that you saw online ARE NOT the final teams. They will be confirmed tomorrow after we consult our magic eight ball. Teams will be announced tomorrow, stay tuned for more info!

If you haven't already take a look at the tournament player pack.  One thing to note is...

Tournament Info for HKHAT 2013 08 Jun 10:30

Dear Noah's Animals !!

If you're getting this email it means your spot on the boat is CONFIRMED and you will be playing next weekend!! 

Here are the instructions:

Tournament Player pack here:

The boat is full! 07 Jun 08:10

We have officially reached capacity. We're full. It's done. DON'T PAY, IT'S TOO LATE.

If you have not paid by now, unfortunately for your species, you cannot get on the ark. We have had an overwhelming interest for our tournament this year, definitely exceeding our expectations and we are very,...

Last registration annoucnement! 07 Jun 01:35

This is the last reminder for confirming your spot for the tournament - we have 8 spots remaining.

If you have not paid or have not emailed me yet to let me know you will be paying at the tournament, you WILL NOT have a spot to participate in the tournament !!!  172 people...

HK Hat Tournament Important Annoucnement - 23 spots remaining ! 05 Jun 03:11

Dear all cute and fuzzy hat animals !

Important Announcement
Due to overwhelming response, we only have 23 more spots left in the tournament!! 

Currently it is first come first serve
- please confirm your spot via payment or if you are 100% confirmed you are coming...

Waitlist is open ! 03 Jun 12:14

Dear all animals!

We have opened up payment from everyone on the wait list !  You can now pay through paypal through this site, or bank transfer !   Wire the money to: HSBC Hong Kong, beneficiary: Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association, account #: 809-499338-001 please email the...

One week left before waitlist is open! 27 May 15:25

Dear all hat tournament players!

Thanks for all your help in paying and registering for the tournament !  Over half of the spots are confirmed by players ! 

For all of the other slow pokes out there, don't wait - confirm you spot by paying us ASAP (I'm looking at you HKUPA community)...

Finalizing your spot on the Ark! 20 May 06:43

Dear all animals!

Important Notice!!!!

The flood is approaching soon on June 15 and June 16 and the Ark is ready to leave !  We have a maximum capacity of 180 people on the boat, and there are already people lined up to get on!

Please pay your tournament fees via paypal or pay money to Kingi...

Ticket to ride 13 May 08:12

A little more than a month to go, time to get excited! It's also time to pay, but hey, it's only 200 HKD. Yes! That's all we ask from you to save your species and we'll throw in a jersey, your breakfast and lunches as well as beer, water and soft drinks, plus two days of great Ultimate.

To pay...

Great Flood forecasts not looking good 24 Apr 04:38

Hello everyone!

We hope you are all getting ready to save your species this coming June. It's great to see so many of you from so many far lands! Our team of volunteers is already at work to make sure you'll flow in orderly and in pairs and to provide you with food, drinks and parties. If you have...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Janice (Janice Lee) F
2. Julia (Julia Yung) F
3. Nickie (Nickie Wong) F
4. Sharon Wong (Sharon Wong) F
5. Wilkinson (Wilkie Chu) M
6. Bumblebuzz (Felix Lam) M
7. sarz (Sarina Zhou) F
8. Alfie Poon (Alfred Poon) M
9. Clay (Clay Carol) M
10. Rissa (Rissa Ong) F
11. Nick (Nicholas Towner) M
12. Brittany (Brittany Tam) F
13. wingLee (Siu Nam wingbbg Lee) M
14. BDN (Nick Tsao) M
15. Old Master Q (Conor Quigley) M
16. Kevin Ho (Kevin Ho) M
17. kat (Kat Mok) F
18. Chris (Christopher Celio) M
19. Cisa (Abhishek Srinivas) M
20. Jackie Fan (Jackie Fan) F
21. Kristin (Kristin Franke) F
22. David Yu (David Yu) M
23. Laura Berman F
24. Ed (Ed Lee) M
25. David (David Bruns) M
26. David Wong (David Wong) M
27. G.I.Joey (Joey Di) M
28. YAM JAMS (Jessica Yam) F
29. maXiu86 (Matteo Semenzato) M
30. Matt (Matthew Lee) M
31. Jeffy (Jeff Shui) M
32. jojo (Joanna Stack) F
33. Mike (Mike Wong) M
34. Yoshino Sakuma (Roldy Lo) M
35. Sam (Sam Oh) M
36. Marvin (Marvin Gaw) M
37. Nugget (Laura Noges) F
38. Cathy (Cathy Liu) F
39. Rob (Rob Hawkins) M
40. Shirl The Girl (Shirley J Cheung) F
41. Borat (Sam Axelrod) M
42. TimO (Tim O'Rourke) M
43. charles.Zheng (zheng charles) M
44. Daria (Daria Li) F
45. Rica (Rica Garcia) F
46. Edgar / Edge (Edgar Callos) M
47. Tomboy Shirley (Tomboy Shirley) F
48. Antoine (Toinou Rouquette) M
49. batman (Zhipeng Kwok) M
50. Chelsea (Chelsea Du) F
51. Yuklear weapon (Yuki Choi) F
52. Hannah.Ma (hannah Ma) F
53. Oli (Olivier Togonon) M
54. GVP (George Pelt) M
55. Anton (Antonin Delcamp) M
56. 🌟 Redbaron 🌟 (David Zhou) M
57. Forward (Forward zhang) M
58. Tammy (tammy Ansell) F
59. Terry Au (Terry Au) M
60. john leong M
61. Xinyi (Xinyi Liang) F
62. beef (B Wong) M
63. Carlo (Carlos Ieong) M
64. Super Hsu (Super Hsu) M
65. Lall (Arjun Lall) M
66. Drew (Drew Schmitt) M
67. Kahu (Kirk Kahu) M
68. Greenbow (Samuel Chu) M
69. El Chino (Roberto Rojas) M
70. Penguin (Joanne Soh) F
71. Eugene Wong (Eugene Wong) M
72. Thilo the Teddy Bear (Thilo Stoewahse) M
73. Stuart (Seutyueoteu Jag-eun) M
74. Tommy (Tommy Fung) M
75. Ser Wilhelm Rivers (Will Munkara-Kerr) M
76. Mike Ross (Mike Ross) M
77. Alex W (Alex Williams) M
78. Kimchiiiii Kingi (Kingi Lau) F
79. Beeeee (Beeeee D) M
80. Jan Q (JAN QIU) M
81. Ryan (Ryan Schaben) M
82. Gabriel long (Gabriel long) M
83. Mm (Maisy Li) F
84. Helen (Helen Brunt) F
85. Fresh (Doug Heimburger) M
86. Colina (Colin Erickson-Sheehy) M
87. Core Four (The GOAT) M
88. Derek (Derek ouyang) M
89. Rafael (Rafael Cao) M
90. Q (Quentin Goron) M
91. Emily (Emily Troxler) F
92. Jenny (Jenny Yang) F
93. Sam Dreiman (Sam Dreiman) M
94. Jared (Jared Getzoff) M
95. Jeremy (Jeremy Russell) M
96. V (Verena Henn) F
97. Baby Girl (Andrew Moffat) M
98. Oobie doob Badoobie (Vincent Liu) M
99. Butterfly (Katania Y.Mao) F
100. Joel (Joel Anderson) M
101. Wanda (Wanda Yuen) F
102. Lewis (Lewis Qiu) M
103. Kathy (Kathy Thompson) F
104. Ying (Michael Ying) M
105. Cal (Cal Lee) M
106. Bats (Batibut Cuyugan) F
107. Dexter (Dexter Tan) M
108. Kay 🌟 (Kay Kuo) F
109. Tim (Tim Martin) M
110. Charlotte (Charlotte Poon) F
111. Sep (Sep Durfee) M
112. Mitzi (Mitzi Canafranca) F
113. Tish (Tisha Dimaya) F
114. Zoe (Zoe Ran) F
115. tandy (tandy tang) F
116. rosie (James Anderson) M
117. Rie (Rie Kimura) F
118. Qiyan (Qiyan Tang) M
119. Syzygy (Jason Chen) M
120. Miao (Jinyan Miao) M
121. Julia (Julia Chan) F
122. buckets (Jeffrey Leung) M
123. LFAristotle (Tim Flanders) M
124. Lester (Lester Sualog) M
125. Jimmy Chen M
126. Roco (Robin Connelley) F
127. Asta Pasta (Asta Feng) F
128. Luca (Luca Giannetta) M
129. Sung Hin (Sung Chan) M
130. Si (Silan Yip) F
131. Beau (Beau Lynn-Miller) M
132. Kevin Izquierdo COL (KEVIN NARINO) M
133. President Razor (Neil Gysel) M
134. Andrew Thyrd (andrew thyrd) M
135. Jimmy (Jimmy Lai) M
136. Tommaso (Tommaso Giannetta) M
137. Carne (David Miller) M
138. David Liu (Liu David) M
139. AXB (Alexandre Benoit) M
140. Adam (Adam Doyle) M
141. Doona (Doona Gee) F
142. Sarah B. (Sarah Bouchard-Cyr) F
143. Jamie (Jamie Chen) F
144. Lincoln Cheung (Lincoln Cheung) M
145. sunny仔 (Sunny So) M
146. Jabba (Calvin Hsu) M
147. Big Kim (Kim Alexandersen) M
148. Bill Byrne (Bill Byrne) M
149. John (John Stanton) M
150. Jakjak (Jak Lau) M
151. Anjo (Anjo Umali) M
152. Anzo (Anzo Umali) M
153. AP (志遠ap 倪) M
154. Sam Leung (译森 梁) M
155. Anastasia (Anastasia Beaverhausen) F
156. Rosita (Rosita Xiong) F
157. Monte (Monte Lai) M
158. seven (xu seven) M
159. Rini (Carina Voigt) F
160. Daniel (Daniel Agee) M
161. Jay (Jay Timmerman) M
162. Kaye (Kaye Rey) F
163. Rina (Rina Bautista) F
164. Tanis (Tanis Herriot) F
165. Ryan (Ryan Leung) M
166. dj (david jackson) M
167. Bonnie (Bonnie Chan) F
168. Apple (Apple Tong) F
169. Dan Van (Daniel Van Nostrand) M
170. Calvin (Calvin Cheng) M
171. Jessica (Jessica Chen) F
172. Angela (Angela Liu) F
173. Charles Wong M
174. Will (WILL WONG) M
175. Kelvin (Kelvin Zheng) M
176. Edwin (Edwin Shao) M
177. Tori (Victoria Cook) F
178. Benjamin (Benjamin Ng) M
179. JP (JP Bonner) M
180. ganlanlv (Livy Liu) F
181. Elvis (Elvis Yeung) M
182. Diana (Diana Han) F
183. penguin (Grace Woo) F