Six on the Beach 2013

It's that time again! Time to take over Bukbu Beach in Pohang with some Ultimate Frisbee action. This year we'll be doing it up  hat style! Sign up is as an individual and costs 15,000w per person. Teams will randomly be selected and created based on your self rankings and you'll get to meet all kinds of wonderful new friends!

Play will be 6's, with 11 person teams. We will cap registration off at 132 participants. Players are guaranteed at least 7 games with the possibility of more depending upon the play offs. ROK U 4th edition rules will apply to the tournament and there will be Round Robin style seeding.

Games will begin promptly at 12:00pm on Saturday July 13th and will go until 9pm under the fabulous Bukbu Beach lights. There will be a break from 4-6pm on Saturday. Sunday games will be played from 10am - 3pm.

15,000w covers the cost of snacks on the beach, bananas, peanut butter, and a souvenir item and seven or more games Ultimate Frisbee on the amazing Bukbu Beach in Pohang, South Korea.

Transfer your 15,000w to
Nicole VanDewerker: Kookmin Bank (KB)
Account Number 606402-04-142661

Once you have transferred and registered via HatTournaments, you are in. I will update this google doc as possible with people who have paid and are confirmed.

YESSS! Six on the BEACH! 12 Jul 07:47

Hey Friends,
It's here!!! Six on the beach is tomorrow!! I have posted your teams below & on the facebook wall! Please be sure to arrive at 11:30 with yourself, sunscreen, a water bottle, a colored shirt, a white shirt, and a smiling face! 

If you need any other information, refer to...

Everything you ever wanted to know... welll almost! :) 10 Jul 04:29

Please read this information thoroughly before asking any questions!! I have put together a google map  of all the landmarks you would need to know for this weekend! The event is rain or shine!  

You need to bring the following items: l  White Shirt & a...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Ollie (Oliver Votteler) M
2. Flo (Florian Bleibtunerkannt) M
3. Don't Drop it Brian! (Brian Nguyen) M
4. Helen (Helen Staton) F
5. Ruby Omma (Joscelyn Weber) F
6. Marzipan (Marian McHugh) F
7. Chelsea (Chelsea Gower) F
8. Evadne (Evadne Woon) F
9. Maddy (Madeline Stephenson) F
10. The Fur (Sewan Kim) F
11. Bots (Katie Botsford) F
12. Shikara (shikara nel) F
13. SDB (Shane Berg) M
14. Erin (Erin Sullivan) F
15. SojuMan (Travis Nurse) M
16. Roy (Indranil Roy) M
17. Nat (Natalie Wolfe) F
18. Jill (Jill Coleman) F
19. Whale (Nicholas Whale) M
20. Craig (Craig Gouk) M
21. Nicole (Nicole Lace) F
22. James Whalley (James Whalley) M
23. Tim (Tim Northe) M
24. Mike (Mike Velthuizen) M
25. Rop (Rob Catterall) M
26. Fentor (Fenton Taylor) M
27. The Brocness Monster (Broc Gross) M
28. Antone Jay M
29. fixerYJ (Yujeong Lee) F
30. MINJUNG.KO (Minjung Ko) M
31. Minji (Minji Gouk) F
32. Stacie The booby grabber (Stacie Jang) F
33. Walker (Walker Pfost) M
34. Justin Kv (Justin Kv) M
35. Vinnie (Vinnie Olson) M
36. Lajesus (Adam LaJoy) M
37. Beast (Phil 필빅터 Victor) M
38. Mu (Temu Obar) M
39. MikeNamara (Michael McNamara) M
40. Sherlock (Holm Belsheim) M
41. Woz (Ruth Carleton) F
42. Lilo (Liandi Kotze) F
43. Sarah (Sarah Walsh) F
44. Ali (Alison Martin) F
45. 마크 (Marc W) M
46. Ramsbottom (Stacey Ramsbottom) F
47. Susy (Susy Kong) F
48. Keat (Keat Min Woo) M
49. Jeromels (Jerome Graham) M
50. Pete (Pete Johnson) M
51. Rockwell (Stephen Rockwell) M
52. Chango (Daniel Benner) M
53. Nicola (Nicola Cunningham) F
54. Al my pal (Alan Caverly) M
55. Freckles (Sabrina Caverly) F
56. Butterfingers McHuckathon (Michael Sobolak) M
57. Wappes (Emily Wappes) F
58. Lauren (Lauren Kubik) F
59. LOVE (David Jeong) M
60. Noah Markus (Noah Markus) M
61. 박민지 (minji Park) F
62. Em (Emily Noelle) F
63. BrO'Malley (Patrick O'Malley) M
64. Steph (Stephanie Wright) F
65. Mario (Mark Platzer) M
66. Don't Stop The Musick (Andrew Musick) M
67. Brant (Brant Hylinski) M
68. Alex Walczak (Alex Walczak) M
69. Punjabi Prince (Navjot Dhillon) M
70. Denny Everington Porter I (Denny Porter) M
71. Walter (Walter Thomas) M
72. TP (Thomas Pineda) M
73. The Grizz (Adam Crouch) M
74. 5th Captain (Matthew Coster) M
75. Daryl (Daryl JohnJames) M
76. Jay Song (Yeongjae (Jay) Song) F
77. Heeyeong (Heeyeong Jung) F
78. Kade Almendinger (Kade Almendinger) M
79. Noah Kessler (Noah Kessler) M
80. Mark (Mark Studdard) M
81. Bone Professor (Andy Wind) M
82. Aaron (Aaron Eigler) M
83. John (John Holgate) M
84. Morgan (Michael Morgan) M
85. Collin (Collin Berry) M
86. nelson (Brent Nelson) M
87. Mason (Joelle Mason) F
88. Tiffany Chan (Tiffany Chan) F
89. Chris (Chris Keller) M
90. Dakota (Dakota Keith) F
91. Alex Delgado (Alex Delgado) M
92. Luke Lemons (Luke Lemons) M
93. Groba (Paul Groba) M
94. Ciege (Charles Lewis) M
95. Kels (Kelly Wilmott) F
96. dan danson (Danson Dan) M
97. Ron (Ron Genech) M
98. John Carme Latzo M
99. Jimmy (Jimmy Micheau) M
100. JimJims (Jimo Park) M
101. Chris B (Chris Brannon) F
102. James Cieslikowski M
103. Beach boy (Haley Wan) M
104. Nik Wood (Nik Wood) M
105. George (Georgina Polydore) F
106. Bester (Gottlieb Bester) M
107. Aaron (Aaron Pierce) M
108. CiaoAn (ChiaoAn Zhuang) F
109. alex (Alexander Bushnell) M
110. Dave (David Friedman) M
111. Cali (Richard Spurgin) M
112. Sarah (Sarah Kim) F
113. Mrs. Bone Professor (Sarah Wind) F
114. Chills (Brandon Burke) M
115. Chang Min (Beck ChangMin) M
116. JB (Justin Bisceglia) M
117. DiNA (Dina Lee) F
118. Krazy-Mark (mark bowie) M
119. Kelly (Kelly Schardt) F
120. Jin (Baek Young) F
121. Scottie Hoang M
122. Tom (Thomas Capranica) M
123. Jared (Jared Dittmer) M
124. Beth Houtrow (Beth Houtrow) F
125. Alex Hippenhammer (Alex Hippenhammer) M
126. Donnie (Donovan Walker) M
127. Candika (Candace Kim) F
128. teagle (teagan michael) M
129. Kat (Katherine Abbott) F
130. Daphne Johnson (Daphne Jay) F
131. Janice (Janice Matthews) F
132. Ray Hahn (Ray Hahn) M
133. thunderpaws (dylan falcone) M