Hucking Dead 2013

Bilder hochladen


When: October 31, 2013 (6:00 pm until 12:00 mn)
Where: The Emperador Stadium, McKinley Hills, Taguig City
Registration starts on October 7, 2013 at 10:00 am. Registration fee is Php 350.00

Visit our Official Facebook Event Page at 

Absolutely on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis! We can only accommodate 168 people (8 teams with 21 members). Short listed players will receive an email confirmation and payment instruction. Unable to pay the corresponding registration fee on time will enable the short listed players to lose their slot and wait listed players will be notified.

Upon registration, you will be asked to rank your skills and will serve as the basis for generating the teams. Creation of teams will be automated so please rate yourself honestly (no sandbaggers please!) We want each of the participating teams to be as equally competitive.

We will be having a registration/kick-off party on October 23, 2013 at 
7:30 PM. Venue is at Googel Bar and Restaurant located along Shaw Boulevard (beside Puregold).

We will reveal your teams and hand out your kits at the party. This is a good time for each team to talk about their costume and get to know everyone. Plan your costumes well as we have prepared prizes for the team with the best costume. This maybe the only tournament that winning the best costume is far more important than being the Champion!

Absolutely No Costume No Play. Only fools are allowed to play and no to cool kids!

For further inquiries, email us at

Thank You!!! 01 Nov 00:45

It’s the morning after and the last email from Hucking Dead this year awww haha We would like to thank everyone who participated in the first HALLOWEEN HAT. We hope everyone had a blast playing in costumes and like every hat’s turn out, some of you created new friendships and new skills. A big...


The teams are summoned and are now ready to rise for disc!

If you failed to attend the registration party and you have been stuck 6 ft underground and you are not in Facebook hehe here's a list of the teams. CAPTAINS PLEASE LOOK FOR YOUR MEMBERS and vice versa.

Batibut Cuyugan


The Undead has been summoned. Our Registration is coming to a close. The kits are ready and the teams are about to be revealed tomorrow at the HUCKING DEAD REGISTRATION PARTY AT GOOGEL BAR ALONG SHAW BLVD BESIDE PUREGOLD
Registration starts at 7pm. We only prepared enough kits for the PAID...

Registration fee and payment 14 Oct 02:33

Hello Dischead!

JUST A REMINDER... If you haven’t paid yet, you may pay the fee on the following bank accounts:

BPI Savings Account  Number 3569037521
Katrina Mae J Cunanan


BDO Savings Account Number 6440058117
Carmelita N. Garcia

Once you have deposited your registration fees,...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Veek (Jay Denorte) M
2. Oli (Olivier Togonon) M
3. Dorkiralpi (Ralph Aguilar) M
4. Edgar / Edge (Edgar Callos) M
5. diatabz (Taboy Gaspay) M
6. Hazel (Hazel Marie Tan) F
7. Kaye (Kaye Roxas) F
8. Jaymee (Jaymee Talag) M
9. Brian (Brian Pintac) M
10. Cat (Cat Lit) F
11. JP (JP Tamayo) M
12. Lara (Lara Sotto) F
13. BeeJaded (Bee Jaded) M
14. Zylexandria (Zylexandria Bombita) F
15. Chiara (Chiara Cruz) F
16. Max (Max Prado) F
17. Manila (Manila Santos) F
18. Orange (Orange Buenaflor) F
19. Wryza (Wryza Castillo) F
20. Angela (Angela Carla Pacho) F
21. Nimar (Nomar Amen) M
22. Marly (Marlon Umali) M
23. Mac (Mark Punzalan) M
24. Adi (Adi Tanchoco) M
25. Prince (Prince Andrew Beltran) M
26. ben (Ben Silva) M
27. Mike (Michael Cubillas) M
28. Czar (Czarina Pedrozo) F
29. Eunice (Eunice Torres) F
30. Tin (Tin Santuile) F
31. ian (Ian Villar) M
32. Dodong (Dodong Dela Cruz) M
33. Xian (Xian Manimtim) F
34. cheska (Cheska Cortez) F
35. Oyax (Ulysses Biruar) M
36. Mikey (Mikey Bundoc) M
37. kate (Kate Sandoval) F
38. Aissa (Aissa Peñafiel) F
39. adrick (Adrick Aznar) M
40. Migs (Miguel Asprer) M
41. kai (Kai Abueg) F
42. weng (Sherwyn Santiago) M
43. Julia (Julia Templo) F
44. Kat Santos (katrina santos) F
45. Tin (Tin Reyes) M
46. jb (Jb Sanchez) M
47. Che (Che Bello) F
48. Aaron (Aaron Carreon) M
49. yoman (Johann de Vega) M
50. Papatiu (Simon Tiu) M
51. Benj (Benjamin Corro) M
52. Ellaine (Ellaine Benavides) F
53. ME (marvin estrada) M
54. Janice (Janice Geda) F
55. Virgilio (Virgilio -) M
56. Ralph (Ralph Espinosa) M
57. James (James Sanchez) M
58. Jays (Jayson Sunga) M
59. KontrabIDA (Ida Gloria Felix) F
60. bingo (Vlad Acosta) M
61. Mags (Mags Morten Malatamban) M
62. vek (Leoven Nombrado) M
63. moy (khyle nombrado) M
64. Jj (Jj Lucero) M
65. Doc (Carlos Mercado) M
66. dawn (Dawn Dimapilis) M
67. Nards (Leonard Laurel) M
68. Ever (Everlyn Tamayo) F
69. Gear (Gear Soriano) M
70. Roxy (Rox Siochi) F
71. Bats (Batibut Cuyugan) F
72. Wowie (Christopher Laurel) M
73. Mela (Mela Abesamis) F
74. LegenGaryLicious (Gary LLanes) M
75. Mabby (Mabby Triviño) F
76. francis (Francis Bryan) M
77. Inat (Iñaki Melchor) M
78. John (John Froilan Caliwag) M
79. Louie (Louie Santos) F
80. JAMES (James Paguiligan) M
81. Gail (Gail Lim) F
82. Toti (Toti Labre) M
83. Karen (Karen Cunanan) F
84. Ther (Therese Borra) F
85. Eya (Beatriz Manuel) F
86. Dwayne (Dwayne Duper) M
87. JP (Jp De Vera) M
88. Ken (Kenneth De Guzman) M
89. Ambin (Alvin Labiano) M
90. Jerika (Jerika Dahino) F
91. Ced (Cedric Palomares) M
92. vin (Alvin Briñosa) M
93. Adrian (Adrian Javier) M
94. Nicole (Nicole Crisostomo) F
95. joaquin (joaquin del rosario) M
96. Mei (Ng Ping) F
97. Towie (Towie Vasquez) M
98. Pauline Baculi (Pauline Baculi) F
99. Crissie (Crissie Ilagan) F
100. Aga (Aga Francisco) M
101. donabonana (Donasheemae Pescadera) F
102. Batang X (Christian De Vera) M
103. Putow (Joon Dizon) M
104. Jay Parker (Jay Parker) M
105. henna (Henna Diaz) F
106. earl (Earl Paul Aranza) M
107. aubrey (aubrey mae salarza) F
108. Rea (Realyb Otonashi) F
109. Marky (Marc Perez) M
110. jaymie (Jaymie Versoza) F
111. Peejay (Pj Corral) M
112. Pao G (Pao Gonzalez) M
113. "kevin" puzon (Kevin Llandro Puzon) M
114. Gab (Gabriel San Juan) M
115. Nicole (Nicole Pacheco) F
116. jameda (james almeda) M
117. sha (Shannen Espinosa) F
118. AJ (Al Jerome Mervyn Tong) M
119. antony (Antony John Lee) M
120. Jay (Jay Ramos) M
121. Alain (Alain Angelo Rodil) M
122. Drew (Drew Lg) M
123. Jaims (Jaime Fernando Limpo) M
124. Paeng (Jan Rafael Castro) M
125. aldrinkbeer (Aldrin Kasilag) M
126. Cheng (Michelle Magalino) F
127. Lester (Lester de Luna) M
128. Shek (Shekinah Blanza) F
129. guiltrazo (Guil Trazo) M
130. TimP (Timothy Pascua) M
131. Sam (Samantha Coronado) F
132. Daryl (Daryl Aaron Gaerlan) M
133. Sham (Sham Guarin) M
134. Alex (Alexandrei Santos) M
135. Micro (Micro Daryl Robles) M
136. Cesky (Eddie Princess Manfoste) F
137. Kitkat (Kristine Mari Matutina) F