Hong Kong Hat 2014

Prepare yourselves for the ultimate battle of the elements! Fire and Ice, Water and Lightning, Air and Earth, Love and Death. What is your Element?

General info

  • Dates: 31st May - 1st June
  • Location: Happy Valley Recreation Ground, the newly built facility located inside the Hong Kong Racecourse, probably the most spectacular venue you'll ever have the chance to play in!
  • Age limit: 16+
  • Because of the limited number of fields we have this year (2 fields compared to 3 last year), the size of the tournament will be smaller.  We are giving priority to players who will be at the tournament both days of the tournament.  If you can't make both days, please consider giving your spot to someone who will!
  • Fees: 200 HKD early bird. Pay via:
    • Via credit card with paypal using the "pay fees" button on the top left of this page.
    • Cash to Kingi if you pass by Hong Kong
    • Wire the money to: HSBC Hong Kong, beneficiary: Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association, account #: 809-499338-001. Please forward your payment slip to kingilaulau@gmail.com  
    • Please note, any bank transfer charges should be incurred by the sender.  Please double check with your bank if there are charges on your transfer.
    • If none of these work for you, please contact giovanni.lion@gmail.com
Jerseys:  This year we will be trying a new concept for jerseys for the tournament that will be more environmental, social and fun!  We will not be providing tournament jerseys, instead we want to upcycle all of your jerseys that are sitting in your closet to use for the tournament ! 

How it will work:
  • You are assigned a team and color - check online to see what team / color you are on (an announcement will be made)
  • If you have a jersey of your team's color, bring the corresponding color for yourself !
  • If you have extra jerseys that you want to contribute, bring them to the registration party Friday night / to the fields on Saturday morning, and trade the jersey to someone of the corresponding color/team !
  • Hopefully everyone will end up with the right color for their team but in case it doesn't work out, everyone bring a light and a dark as a backup - just in case.
At the end of the tournament, any unwanted or extra jerseys can be left with us, and we'll clean and donate them to a charity to spread the ultimate spirit!


  • TD将尽快分队并指定各队的颜色,请在网上查询你的队伍及队服颜色(我们会尽快通知)​
  • 如果你已有这次比赛颜色的队服,带上吧​
  •  如果你有多余的队服想帮助他人,请带到周五晚的注册晚会或周六上午的比赛场地​,然后和别的队伍/颜色交换!
  • 希望每个人都能找到他们队伍的颜色的队服,但请带上一件深色和一件浅色的队服作为后备方案。​



  • Lincoln (Tournament Director) cheung.linghin@gmail.com
  • Gio (Activity Director) giovanni.lion@gmail.com

Sunday Schedule 31 May 12:59

Hey Everyone,

Hope you had fun in the scorching sun (blame team fire)!  It was so hot today, it was like Cal's tinder lighting up with hits. 




Everything you need to know for the HK HAT 29 May 06:45

Dear All,

Deadline is over, teams are set, schedules are made.  Please take a look at all the documents below for everything you need to know for this weekend.

Team List:

Info Pack:

HK HAT Player Info ! 28 May 13:30

Hey Everyone,

We're still working on the schedule for saturday and sunday games.  Expect a long day on Saturday !

Your player pack here for field information, party venues, etc.



Please note - all last minute...

HK Hat Update May 27 27 May 16:00

Hey Everyone,

Quick Notes:
  1. We still have room for some last minute sign ups for players ! ! !  So spread the word to email me if anyone still wants to join in the hat !  Deadline to sign up will be 12 pm on Thursday.
  2. Teams that are posted are not set in stone, as we will be assigning some...

HK HAT Teams Announced ! 26 May 02:56

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a fantabulous weekend ! 

Announcement:  Teams have been made and team colors assigned !  Please take a look below for your teams:



HK Hat Update May 23, PAYMENT DEADLINE! 23 May 04:00

Dear Hatters,

Today is the payment deadline before we open up the waitlist.  We have 92 people paid of a total of 128 - so there is only 26 spots remaining for the hat tournament !

After 6:00 pm today, we will be opening payment to those on the waitlist currently, and it's first come first...

HK Hat Update, May 19 [Chinese Edition] 19 May 06:44

Thank you Roldy for the translation !  :)




  • TD将尽快分队并指定各队的颜色,...

HK Hat Update, May 19 19 May 06:15

Dear Hatters !

The tournament is just 2 weeks away !

Thanks everyone who have already paid the registration fee !  Reminder to pay before May 23rd, or risk losing your spot in the tournament !  After May 23rd, we will be accepting payments from players on the wait list.  If you have...

HK Hat Tournament Update May 12 12 May 08:53

Dear Frisbee Enthusiasts!

First, good news:
  • We have increased the capacity of the tournament to 128 people so more people can play (yay!) 
  • The tournament fee is lowered to 200 HKD (yay!)
Thank you for bearing with us while we sort out the details of the 2014 HK Hat, and apologies for any...

Welcome to HK hat 2014 02 May 04:29

170+ players registered and counting. Wow! Thank you for the love! Below a quick summary of what will be going on in the next days.

As many of you may know, the registration has been open since Monday night. The response has been fast and already more participants have signed up than can be...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. kat (Kat Mok) F
2. Sondra Wong (Sondra Wong) F
3. Alishin (Alison Shin) F
4. Gainey (Catherine Gainey) F
5. Kimchiiiii Kingi (Kingi Lau) F
6. Janana (Jana Evans) F
7. Doona (Doona Gee) F
8. Charlotte (Charlotte Poon) F
9. Julia (Julia Yung) F
10. Wanda (Wanda Yuen) F
11. Nic (Nic Leung) F
12. Rie (Rie Kimura) F
13. Kerry (Kerry Dandie) F
14. Lu (Luisa Zhou) F
15. Roaddoodoo (Ruth Chen) F
16. Pippa (Philippa Francis) F
17. Tara Lafferty F
18. Zoe (Zoe Ran) F
19. Cathy (Cathy Liu) F
20. Ciao Bella (Bella Chao) F
21. viola (Viola OuYang) F
22. Chaco (Chaco Chan) F
23. Brittany (Brittany Tam) F
24. Julia (Julia Chan) F
25. Andrea (Andrea 张) F
26. Helen (Helen Brunt) F
27. V (Elvera Lo) F
28. Sarah B. (Sarah Bouchard-Cyr) F
29. Jessie (Jessie Yu) F
30. Apple (Apple Tong) F
31. Tammy (tammy Ansell) F
32. Janice (Janice Lee) F
33. Asha (Asha Sharma) F
34. Gigi (Gigi Law) F
35. AK (Kate Tian) F
36. Gio (Giovanni Lion) M
37. Wilkinson (Wilkie Chu) M
38. Elvis (Elvis Yeung) M
39. Kevin Ho (Kevin Ho) M
40. Bartels (Paul Bartels) M
41. Yoshino Sakuma (Roldy Lo) M
42. Core Four (The GOAT) M
43. Colina (Colin Erickson-Sheehy) M
44. Bumblebuzz (Felix Lam) M
45. Terry Au (Terry Au) M
46. Ser Wilhelm Rivers (Will Munkara-Kerr) M
47. Borat (Sam Axelrod) M
48. Jakjak (Jak Lau) M
49. Ying (Michael Ying) M
50. Super Hsu (Super Hsu) M
51. Alfie Poon (Alfred Poon) M
52. JasonC (Jason Cancel) M
53. Ed (Ed Lee) M
54. Gene Sin (gene sin) M
55. Cal (Cal Lee) M
56. Victor (Victor Lau) M
57. Scott D. (Scott Dietrich) M
58. sunny仔 (Sunny So) M
59. Wilson (Wilson Cheng) M
60. Kahu (Kirk Kahu) M
61. Beeeee (Beeeee D) M
62. Anton (Antonin Delcamp) M
63. TimO (Tim O'Rourke) M
64. Big Kim (Kim Alexandersen) M
65. Nick (Nicholas Towner) M
66. Lewis (Lewis Glover) M
67. Mike Ross (Mike Ross) M
68. Jimmy (Jimmy Lai) M
69. Glen (Glen Cornell) M
70. Carlo (Carlos Ieong) M
71. (CHAO HE) M
72. Sean (Sean Keith) M
73. GVP (George Pelt) M
74. Rob (Rob Hawkins) M
75. Kwong (Kwong Yue Yang) M
76. Sextown (Matthew Sexton) M
77. AXB (Alexandre Benoit) M
78. David Liu (Liu David) M
79. Alex W (Alex Williams) M
80. Kino (Joaquin 吉诺 Rodríguez) M
81. (Icarus XIAO) M
82. kenneth (Kenneth Chan) M
83. TimYim (Tim Yim) M
84. Oobie doob Badoobie (Vincent Liu) M
85. Rafael (Rafael Cao) M
86. Jeremy (Jeremy Karouta) M
87. Sung Hin (Sung Chan) M
88. Bryan (Bryan Goh) M
89. Wynn (Wynn Wu) M
90. Olivier (Olivier Martina) M
91. Ricky (Ricky Brocco) M
92. JI (ji cai) M
93. Will-I-aM (William ieong) M
94. wingLee (Siu Nam wingbbg Lee) M
95. Chelsea (Chelsea Du) F
96. Zopka (klara der) F
97. Hebe (Hebe Fong) F
98. Dem_nsk (Dmitriy Doroshenko) M
99. Tino Tan(baby) (Tino Tan) M
100. ??? (Allen Laung) M
101. Taiwan Dave (David Paulk) M
102. JJ (Jin Jia Chew) M
103. Muscles (Charles Lu) M
104. batman (Zhipeng Kwok) M
105. American Captain (steve safarowic) M
106. Walton! (Walton Lee) M
107. Xinyi (Xinyi Liang) F
108. John Lui (John Lui) M
109. Kiyi (Kiyi He) F
110. Ivan (Ivan Peng) M
111. Samuel Cheung (Ar Muel) M
112. Hannah.Ma (hannah Ma) F
113. Sandy (Mo Sandy) F
114. Jason (Jason Tsai) M
115. Gilbo (Aaron Guilbeau) M
116. Ramie (Ramie Jacobson) M
117. Max (Max Utoplov) M
118. AP (志遠ap 倪) M
119. John (John Jansen) M
120. El Chino (Roberto Rojas) M
121. Connie (Connie Ko) F
122. Mike (Mike Wong) M
123. 金鱼 小 F
124. Thilo (Thilo Stoewahse) M
125. Kelsey Irene Bilek F
126. Rosa (YU XIONG) F
127. Dexter (Dexter Tan) M
128. Cody (Cody Allen Erhart) M