Antigua Ultimate Tournament 2014 2014

If you need to get in touch with Tom, his number is 5579-9014.

The time has arrived, damas y caballeros, for Antigua to host our 2014 friendly match!  Read on for updated tournament information.

We will be playing at the Antigua International School again, located just outside of Antigua in El Cortijo de Las Flores. Km. 48.5 Carretera a Ciudad Vieja.  The school has told us NO DOGS, please.

We ask that people try to arrive by 8:30 AM, to give time for last minute team adjustments and warm-up before getting started at 9:00 am.  We have to be off the field by 2:00 so punctuality (as much as possible) will be greatly appreciated!!!  
Bring a light shirt and a dark shirt.

Due to field constraints, we're doing 6 smaller teams.  Games will be 5 v 5. The schedule will go as follows:

9:00     A vs. B       C vs. D    E vs. F
9:50     A vs. C       B vs. E    D vs. F
10:40   A vs. D       B vs. F    C vs. E

11:30  championship and consolation games
12:30    Antigua vs. Guatemala

Games will be played to 11 points (win by 2), hard cap at 13, or 35 minutes, hard cap at 40, whichever comes first.  This will give us a 10 minute break between games.

Time allowing, the Antigua vs. Guatemala game will be to 13 (win by 2), hard cap at 15, or 45 minutes, hard cap at 50 minutes.

Once again, we will be celebrating after the tournament with a little party, graciously hosted by Tim and his roomies.  
Casa # 25 en la carratera a San Bartolome. A lar par del hotel Via Marquez. (Two story orange house) We can all carpool there from the tournament so don't worry too much about finding it.
Food and some bevvies will be provided, but please be prepared to bring something to drink and/or some Q to chip in for a beer run!

Tournament update! 30 May 21:53

Hey all!  Here is the latest and greatest info we have for the tournament.  
Please feel free to contact
Melissa: 5948-2916
or Liz:  5174-8028 if you have any questions day-of.

Important things to note
Arrive by 8:30
Bring and light and a dark shirt