Shenzhen Summer League 2014

Welcome to the Shenzhen Summer League 2014, the second Summer League hosted by the ShenZhen Ultimate Players Association. This year we are aiming to go a bit bigger. Teams will get jerseys, our league will run 6 weeks and each week a team will have 2 games. We invite you to come Sunday July 20th at 5PM for a complimentary friendly afternoon of pickup followed by a nice dinner at a nearby Dongbei restaurant where we will hold our draft.

The theme of our league is: The Odyssey. The Spartans meet to decide who is the strongest of their line of warriors. They battle in the hottest sun and torrential rain while they push themselves to their limits and beyond. Each team has chosen a creature of Greek Legend to represent them. The lines have been drawn. Only one creature can survive.

The Hydra - Black - "Give them NOTHING! But take from them EVERYTHING!"
The Medusa - Green - "Let each among them search their own soul."
The Pegasus - Blue - "Prepare for glory!"
The Minotaur - Yellow - "This is where we hold them. This is where we fight!"
The Cyclops - Pink - "What we do in life, echoes in eternity"
The Centaur
- Orange - "Never retreat, never surrender!"

Remember what King Leonidas once said about Spirit of the Game: In the end, a Spartan's true strength is the warrior next to him. So give respect and honor to him, and it will be returned to you. First, you fight with your head. Then you fight with your heart. Do not forget today's lesson. Respect and honor...

Respect and honor.

UPDATE - Location(Tartarus):
We wanted to return to the same field as last year at OCT Middle School, unfortunately in order to accommodate a group of people that we really wanted to include this year, we decided it was best to switch fields to Weixin(Tartarus). There were some legitimate issues with the field that we had no way of knowing till we used it on July 20th. The whole OCT Middle School field was redone and fully covered in grass but the addition of a sprinkler system caused two depressions in the ground surrounding the sprinklers to form. This exposed the sprinklers more and essentially made two big holes. Also, the grass was uncut making the ground feel uneven. Both issues were addressed immediately with the field managers who agreed to fix them, but people complained too much and we decided to give them what they wanted. It's not the best outcome as it has cause a few people from our club to miss out either some days of the League or even to miss it completely, but it was for the greater good of bringing the clubs of Shenzhen more together. Let's focus on having a great league going forward.

Walking Directions and Map:
Take the Shekou Line going towards Chiwan. Get off at Ke Yuan metro station. Use exit D. Continue out of the metro and walk down the street. Cross the first intersection in the same direction you've been walking. At the second intersection cross to the right. You'll see a small path to walk onto the field next to the metal shed. You've arrived at Field 1 of Weixin.

Day and Time:
Last year many complained about the time of day we had our league. This year to make everyone more comfortable, our league will be on Saturdays from 7:30PM. Games will start promptly at 8PM and end at 10PM.

Early Bird Cost will be 160RMB per person. Payment is due by this Friday at Midnight. You can bring it to any activity hosted by the SZUPA this week. If you can't make it to pickup you can do a bank transfer or use Paypal. Please contact Jeff on Wechat ID - SZUltimate to work that out. After Friday, players will be charged 200RMB.

This is regardless of coming to 1 game or all of your games. We hope you'll sign up now to be on a team rather than add you in later as we want teams to be fair.

Pickup Players:
Pickup players will be considered at the beginning of each week's game and decided who gets who by the captains but they will not be allowed in Semis or Finals. All players that want to be considered as pickup players must arrive before games start at 7:30 and meet with the captains to see if there is a place to put them. Anyone showing up after the games have started will need to wait until game 2 to be considered. Cost per pickup player is 30RMB per night.

Pay by Alipay:

Alipay account: 13714411960

E-mail Charles a screenshot with your full name and your nickname after the transaction is complete to AND

What do you get:
Pickup this Sunday will be free and open to everyone. This is an additional cost that the SZUPA is paying for so that you can meet the people you will be playing with and try out the new field.
6 weeks of League Games(August 31st we will break before finals for the HK Beach Hat). The Summer League Finals field is sponsored by the SZUPA.
Water/Ice/Bananas will be at all League games. Please bring your own water and/or drinks to Pickup this Sunday.
Team Jersey(We are doing Jerseys. They will be given out Saturday, Augutst the 2nd at 7:30PM. Be very sure about your choice of size. Included is a sample size chart.

What to bring:
Water Bottle
Mosquito Repellant
Be sure to bring your teams colored shirt. We are providing jerseys but you may have a teammate that forgets or in case of production delays/sizing issues.

Tournament Cost Estimate:

Since some people have been wondering why the cost is higher. Here is a breakdown of everything planned to be purchased for the tournament.

4000 for 5 weeks of fields
480 for 6 weeks of water(4 per week)
3900 for jerseys(sleeves)
210 15 Winner Medals
56 4 Spirit Awards
56 4 Best New Player
28 2 Tournament MVP boy and girl
560 60 bananas
Total 9290

We will pay for:
1 week of pickup 800RMB
1 week of league 800RMB
Ice I believe is 10 per bag. We will need 2 per week. So 120.

How did we get the cost down to 160:
We cut out an 8th week of pickup(800RMB). Originally had all contributing to paying for tomorrow's pickup and the final day there.
Now we are paying for tomorrow as good will to all. Even those not participating in the league and we are just cutting out the 8th week. So that saved 1600RMB.

We are also cutting out watermelon because it was super expensive. By my calculations we saved 1500rmb from losing the watermelon(50*5 per week for 6 weeks).

I have some prizes left over from some sponsors like Ultipro discs and water bottles, and toys, that we will use for awards which are at no cost to the club or players. There is also one possible surprise award.

60ppl 155 per person, rounded up to 160 to cover the transportation of everything by a van I know which will only be needed twice. Less than 60 people, the club bears the burden or we will need to use Weixin a couple times which only costs 450RMB per use.

Hope that clears things up. Going forward David Zhou will be the club Treasurer as I feel this will let people feel more at ease with any extra money collected. He will be collecting fees at pickup and at training and keeping a transparent file for all to see.



欢迎大家参加深圳2014年夏季联赛! 今年我们将争取4-6支队伍参赛,联赛降持续6周,每个队每周日将有两场比赛。

如果最终有4个队参赛,比赛时间将是7-27, 8-3 ,8-10 ,8-17 ,8-24 ,9-7(决赛) 如果最终有6个队比赛,比赛时间另行增加。

这次夏季联赛的主题是“奥德赛” 每个队将选择一个古希腊神话中的神兽作为代表,最终只有一个神兽可以在众王之战中胜出!

红队:The Hydra九头蛇怪 “掠夺一切!”
绿队:The Medusa 美杜莎 “统统石化!”

白队:The Pegasus 天马  “天马流星拳!”

黄队:The Minotaur 牛头怪 “巨型号角!”

橙队:The Cyclops 独眼巨人 “我在注视你!”

紫队:The Centaur 人马座 “永不后退!”

场地位置: 我们将在去年的同一个场地,华侨城中学。场地已经被重现整修并铺上上等的草坪。第一周的比赛将会在本周的周日于华侨城中学举行。随后两周的场地位置也许会有小的变动,我们会及时通知。威新球场是我们的后备场地,一旦有订场的问题,我们都可以保证比赛可以在威新进行。  

比赛时间: 选手们对去边白天的酷热表示很有压力,今天我们特意做了调整。比赛时间将会定为周日下午4点半到7点。 比赛5点开始。 有的选手向我们咨询是否可以在周四,周五和周六比赛,但周四和周五晚上场地没有灯,周六的话大部分人有工作或者其他安排,所以我们定在了周日。

付款信息: 如果你在这周日之前付款,费用是160元。周日之后是200元。如果你没有办法在周日前转账或者汇款,请微信JEFF帮你想办法解决。

不管最后你只参加了一场或者全部比赛,费用都是一样不变。我们希望你可以提早注册一个队,而不是后期加入,这样的话对别的队伍也不公平。Pick up选手可以参加常规赛但不可以参加半决赛和决赛。

比赛信息: 这周日的Pickup对所有人免费,你可以见到你的队友并享受全新的场地。 6周的比赛时间(8月31日是香港沙滩赛,所以错开) 水、冰块、香蕉会在场地足量提供 每个人一件队服


5个星期的场地费用(最后一周由Superen赞助): 4000元    (每星期800元2个半小时)

6个星期的饮用水供应: 480元                                         (每星期80元,每星期4桶)

队服费用(短袖):3900元                                                (每件65-70元)
15枚冠军奖牌费用: 210元                                              (每枚14元)

4枚精神奖牌费用:56元                                                  (每枚14元)
4枚最佳新人奖牌费用:56元                                            (每枚14元)
2枚最佳男女运动员奖牌费用:28元                                  (每枚14元)

60件香蕉:560元                                                            (每件10元)

合计 9290元

赞助费用: Superen 俱乐部将赞助承担本周日(7-20)的Pickup和决赛周(9-7)的场地费用,共1600元。另外我们也赞助每周的冰块费用。按每周2袋来计算,每袋10元,共120元。  





其他费用的明细问题请联系David Zhou,欢迎大家提出建议和想法!


Registered Spartans please join the Group Chat below

Shenzhen Fall League - Sign up Today! Deadline: Wednesday Nov. 19th 7PM 18 Nov 06:24

这份声明发自夏季联赛公告主页,因此以前有参加过的人都能够收到相关信息。到目前为止,已经有 54 人报名参加了此次比赛,如果你还没有报名参加,你应该也加入我们。
如果您想参加此次秋季联赛,请阅读以下信息或者登录 查看相关信息
This is being sent from the Summer League Announcements page so that all can receive this that joined previously. 54 people have signed up,...

**Fixed Link** Shenzhen Fall/Winter League Registration is open! 30 Oct 06:09

Hi guys, some of you may not know, but the Fall/Wintter League registration has opened recently. We hope you will go sign up now even though most detailed info hasn't been added yet so we get an idea of how many people we will have.

We hope to start the league by...

Shenzhen Summer League: The Odyssey - Week 5 Roundup 30 Aug 06:08

This Week there is a break to accommodate the HK Beach Hat happening on Saturday(Today).

Also Semis and Finals will take place September 13th due to the Mid Autumn Festival. Apologies to anyone who can't make it this day. All captains checked and this was the best day for the most people


Shenzhen Summer League: The Odyssey - Week 4 Roundup 20 Aug 15:50

Next matches are scheduled for Saturday August 23rd @ Weixin. Be there before 7:30, games start at 8pm, but if everyone is on time we can try to start earlier so we can finish earlier.

4 weeks in, we have a steady front runner now. Cyclops is on a streak. Undefeated since Week 2, Game 3. Let's see...

Shenzhen Summer League - Current Standings (Fixed) 13 Aug 13:07

Oops:) Forgot the ties.

Current Standings(Win-Loss-Tie):

Cyclops:  4-1-1 - 13 Points
Hydra:     4-2-0 - 12 Points
Medusa:  2-3-1 - 7 Points
Minotaur: 1-5-0 - 3 Points

Wins are worth 3 points, Losses worth 0 points, Ties worth 1 point. In case of a tie at the end of the...

Shenzhen Summer League: The Odyssey - Week 3 Roundup 13 Aug 12:08

Next matches are scheduled for Saturday August 16th @ Weixin. Be there before 7:30, games start at 8.

The third week of games has passed. Apologies for the lateness of this rundown. Had some trouble getting some info. The first games started on time and so did the second game, but due to the...

Shenzhen Summer League: The Odyssey - Week 2 Roundup(FIXED) 04 Aug 19:17

Next matches are currently scheduled for Saturday August 9th @ Weixin. Be there before 7:30, games start at 8.

The second day (week 2) of our 6 week Summer League has passed, this time with a much drier field. Games started at about 8:05 due to traffic delays and lack of volunteers at first for...

Shenzhen Summer League: The Odyssey - Week 1 Roundup 28 Jul 05:15

Next matches will be Saturday August 2nd @ Weixin.  Be there before 7:30, games start at 8.

The first day of our Summer League has come and gone and besides some weather issues making our field a fun muddy mess and some no-shows, everything went pretty smoothly.

Pickup players:
If you want to...

Join the "The Odyssey" Group Chat on WeChat 25 Jul 11:52

Please join our group chat for more tournament updates, or to trash talk.

Teams Updated and MORE League Details 25 Jul 11:01

As you know we had to change the day we play to Saturday at night and field locations. The directions are located at this link: This is also reflected in the league registration main page.

If this change has affected you please contact me on Wechat: SZUltimate or...

League Day Change, League Payment, Team Rosters, and Shirts 22 Jul 06:37

Hi everyone,

This is long so I urge you to read everything.

After our free day of pickup at OCT Middle School and discovering some of the damage to the field. We decided it was necessary to switch fields to Weixin(Tartarus). Our breakdown previously said the cost to rent Weixin was 450RMB, but...

Tournament Cost Estimates Explained and Announcement of our Treasurer 20 Jul 08:36

Tournament Cost Estimate:

Since some people have been wondering why the cost is higher. Here is a breakdown of everything planned to be purchased for the tournament.

4000 for 5 weeks of fields
480 for 6 weeks of water(4 per week)
3900 for jerseys(sleeves)
210 15 Winner Medals
56 4 Spirit Awards
56 4...

Summer League Registration 20 Jul 02:39

Hi guys,

We need more people to sign up. if you can find even one more friend it will help us out. we currently have 48 people counting people that just havent registered yet but definitely will join. 13 away from 60 people which would make this league a lot more fun. We lowered the price to be...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Jeff (Jeff Bussel) M
2. Airwrecka (Erica) (Erica Annet) F
3. 🌟 Redbaron 🌟 (David Zhou) M
4. Dem_nsk (Dmitriy Doroshenko) M
5. Hannah.Ma (hannah Ma) F
6. Eddie (Eddie Zhu) M
7. Robert (Robert Grey) M
8. Donna (Donna Chan) F
9. Devin 🌟 (Devin Licastro) M
10. Tomboy Shirley (Tomboy Shirley) F
11. Sean (Sean Keith) M
12. Cathy (Cathy Liu) F
13. Etta (Etta Wu) F
14. Glen (Glen Cornell) M
15. Vincent (Vincent Yu) M
16. American Captain (steve safarowic) M
17. Chelsea (Chelsea Du) F
18. Bman (Bowen Li) M
19. xiaoxiang (Xiao Xiang) M
20. paul (Paul luo) M
21. Alice Shen (Alice Shen) F
22. Jan Q (JAN QIU) M
23. Shout (Howard Shaw) M
24. Sharon Wong (Sharon Wong) F
25. Max (Max Utoplov) M
26. KFC (zhao xu) M
27. Xinyi (Xinyi Liang) F
28. Monica (Monica Yang) F
29. Meixian (He Meixian) F
30. AP (志遠ap 倪) M
31. Lewis (Lewis Qiu) M
32. Derek (Derek ouyang) M
33. Viru (Virinder Bhasin) M
34. YUZHI (Zhi Yu) F
35. viola (Viola OuYang) F
36. Bruce (Huaqing Lee) M
37. Susie Sun (Susie Sun) F
38. Stephanie Ren (stephanie ren) F
39. Chris (Chris McClelland) M
40. Ungar (Matthew Ungar) M
41. Phyllis (Phyllis Li) F
42. charlie (吴晓溪 charlie) M
43. Ben (Yuan Yang) M
44. anna (Anna Kovaleva) F
45. Eric Lewandowski (Eric Lewandowski) M
46. xiaoping (Xie xiaoping) F
47. luoyi (Luo Yi) M
48. James (Haoyan Chen) M
49. Noah (Noah Zerkin) M
50. RookieInvader (Rachel Hu) F
51. Thilo (Thilo Stoewahse) M
52. Yoshino Sakuma (Roldy Lo) M
53. John (John Jansen) M
54. Alishin (Alison Shin) F
55. Leo (Leonardo Ferreira) M
56. Max (Max shi) M
57. batman (Zhipeng Kwok) M
58. Vince/陈聪 (聪 陈) M
59. Steve (Steve Magruder) M