Shenzhen Women's Hat Tournament 2014

What: Shenzhen Women’s Hat Tournament

Where: Nanshan second foreign language school
     12 Haide 3rd Rd, Nan Shan Qu, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 518054
When: 9:00AM - 6:30PM on Saturday, 01 November, 2014.
Tournament fee: 100RMB/130HKD (pay by Friday, Oct. 10)
    - fee gets you a full day of field, jersey, lunch, snack, water, X-Com disc
    - after Oct. 10, fee becomes 160RMB/200HKD
Maximum capacity: 90 beautiful & strong female players

Payment Information: you can pay via one of these ways,:
    1) paypal, using the “pay fees” button on the top left of this page (150 HKD with added transaction fee)   
    2) alipay, please forward your payment slip to
        - account:, account name: 杜晓天
    3) wire money to one of these banks, please forward the payment slip to
        - (mainland china) 中国银行 Bank of China account#: 6217852000005763548, beneficiary: Yoon Kyung Shin,
        - (mainland china) 招商银行 China Merchant Bank account#: 6225887858405182, beneficiary: 郭晓怡
        - (hong kong) Hang Seng Bank account#: 202-149522-668, beneficiary: Wong Suet Fan
    4) cash to Chelsea Du at Superren or Peng practices in Shenzhen or Alison Shin at HK league games
    5) if you REALLY want to use bitcoin, contact
    5) if none of these options work for you, contact us at

Accommodation: if you’re coming from outside of Shenzhen, we want to help you find someone in Shenzhen who can host you for free. Please contact us at and answer the following:
    ◦    name
    ◦    which night do you need to be hosted
    ◦    are you going to be partying that night?
    ◦    phone number
    ◦    are you okay with a male host?

Tournament Dinner & Party
    ◦    to reduce the tournament fee, we will not be providing free dinner or party. However, we’ll get sweet deals from our sponsors for dinner and drinks Saturday night near the fields. Stay tuned!

How to get to the field:

    ◦    from Shenzhen: take MTR to Houhai MTR, take exit D2 and follow the map.  
    ◦    from Hong Kong: take a bus to Shenzhen Bay Control Point (more information on this bus coming up soon). After crossing the border, take a taxi (10 min taxi ride).
    ◦    from Shenzhen West train station (深圳西): take a taxi (15 min taxi ride)
    ◦    from Shenzhen North train station (深圳北): take the MTR to Xili station, take a taxi (20 min taxi ride)

last update before player packets go out! 23 Oct 21:20

Hi Everyone,

We hope you’re PUMPED for the tournament because we sure are!
Your player packets will go out Monday night with the list of teams and other exciting details. But before that, here are some important things you might need in order to prepare for the MOST AWESOME WEEKEND EVER.


FUN logistics for the tournament & reminder about early bird payment! 09 Oct 02:53

Hi everyone,
The tournament is only a couple weeks away!!! We're getting so PUMPED UP here in shenzhen! ARE YOU?!?!! :) :) :)
but before this exciting day, here are some logistics :P

1) Payment:
Here is the last reminder to submit your payments before this Friday, Oct. 10 for the early bird price...

Discounts for everyone! 30 Sep 10:35

Hi all, 

Good News - We got a new sponsorship to make this tournament even cheaper for you with special discounts! 

- everyone: the fee will now be 100RMB/130HKD for everyone. (If you're using paypal, 140HKD for transaction fee)
- students: your fee will now be 50RMB. please...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Alishin (Alison Shin) F
2. Kay 🌟 (Kay Kuo) F
3. Sharon Wong (Sharon Wong) F
4. Monica (Monica Yang) F
5. Donna (Donna Chan) F
6. Etta (Etta Wu) F
7. Penny (Penny P) F
8. Yuklear weapon (Yuki Choi) F
9. Alice Shen (Alice Shen) F
10. 敏敏 Min Min (MIN LI) F
11. Echo (Echo T) F
12. viola (Viola OuYang) F
13. justina (justina chen) F
14. Susie Sun (Susie Sun) F
15. Julia (Julia Yung) F
16. Amanda (Amanda Pyle) F
17. Monmonchan (Monique Henderson) F
18. Gigi (Gigi Law) F
19. Phyllis (Phyllis Li) F
20. 一冲 (echo Yang) F
21. thanh (Thanh-Hue Huynh) F
22. Cathy (Cathy Liu) F
23. Hannah.Ma (hannah Ma) F
24. Tammy (tammy Ansell) F
25. Chelsea (Chelsea Du) F
26. Airwrecka (Erica) (Erica Annet) F
27. Shatow Brandi (brandi Huang) F
28. Tammy (Li Song) F
29. FF (Chang Cuby) F
30. Jah Ying (Jah Chung) F
31. Roc (Roc Liu) F
32. Annie (Annie Chan) F
33. YUZHI (Zhi Yu) F
34. Stephanie Ren (stephanie ren) F
35. Janice (Janice Lee) F
36. Stephanie (Stephanie Zhang) F
37. No Mercy (taniesha blake) F
38. Charlotte (Charlotte Poon) F
39. Jade (Jade yang) F
40. Suey (Shuyi Lu) F
41. Kerry (Kerry Dandie) F
42. Annie (Annie C) F
43. Bessie (茜 吳) F
44. Kayla (Kayla Bortolazzo) F
45. Abi 林碧 (Abi Lane) F
46. Pippa (Philippa Francis) F
47. Zoe (Zoe Wolters) F
48. Yvonne (Yvonne Liu) F
49. 思榕Jack (Rose 张) M
50. suki (suki chen) F
51. Jen (Jen Biaño) F
52. Celeste Cel Celli (Celeste Grassi) F
53. Shulei (Shulei Nan) F
54. Jodie (Jodie Navarre) F
55. V (Elvera Lo) F
56. 丹尼斯 (mel miao) M
57. Xinyi (Xinyi Liang) F
58. Kimchiiiii Kingi (Kingi Lau) F
59. Emilie (Emilie Petitbon) F
60. Bale (Xiaochao Liu) M
61. Jessica (Jessica Jia) F
62. Vivian (Jing Guo) F
63. Holly McHugh (Holly McHugh) F
64. Vickyyang (Vicky yang) F