Big Phat Phnom Penh Hat 2015 2015

Cambodia's ultimate team, The Orphans, invites you to the 7th Annual Big Phat Phnom Penh Hat (BPPPH) Tournament. Last year was Olympic-level madness, with two days full of spirited and competitive Ultimate, free-flowing booze and, sideline medal events and our famous slip n’ slide layout contest. Evidence of the Frisbee fun we offer can be found in photos on the Big Phat Hat Flickr page, and previous awards (that we can recall) are on our Hat Tournament page.

So stop putting off that trip to Cambodia you have planning and join us! This year's tournament and party theme in the Kingdom of Wonder is I HAVE A DREAM.

When: January 17th and 18th, 2015.  Welcome boat cruise and registration party on Friday, January 16th.

Format: 10-12 teams battling it out over 2 days

Party Theme: I Have a Dream

Cost: About $70

What you get for your registration fee: Jersey, hat, tons o’ free food & beer, two parties, disc, discounted transport to the field, and other cool stuff

Other costs: Visa (free for ASEAN members; $20 for others - visas can be secured upon entry)

Other benefits: Cheap lodging in town and quite possibly the time of your life.  

Comments or questions?  E-mail or comment on the Facebook event

See you on the fields!

ps Every year we put a lot of work into making the teams as even as possible. To help us with this process, please send us additional feedback on your experience and skill set through the following link:

BPPPH Photos 29 Jan 14:55

Hey BPPPH'ers, in case you live in a hole and/or aren't on Facebook, there are hundreds of tourney photos flying around the interwebs. Check 'em here (most of the FB albums are public so even Facebook haters should be able to see them). Now on to Boracay. See some of you there, I'm sure!

Album 1:...

Sunday Schedule 17 Jan 13:07

The early Sunday schedule, in case you didn't hear it at the fields:

Q2: Che Guevara (5) versus Pamela Anderson (4) - field 1
Q3: Ghandi (6) versus Bob Marley (3) - field 2
Pre-quarter: Karl Marx (8) versus Mandela (9) - field 3
Byes: Wild Things (1), Joan (2), Bieber (7)

Q3: Wild Things...

Schedule 16 Jan 13:22

Hi all,

The early games tomorrow are as follows:

nelson mandela versus wild things
Pamela Anderson versus Ghandi
Joan of Arc versus Bob Marley
BYES: Che Guevara, Justin Bieber, Karl Marx

Again, two cattle trucks leave at 6.45am from the departure area at Wat Langka (see the Player pack and the...

MAP, corrected Sat Party address / team info 16 Jan 12:58

Hi all,

Couple things as the registration party gets revved up.

1. I sent out a faulty, old version of the player pack, with no hypertext links to the map. I will send out the correct version momentarily. The correct tourney map is here: ...

Registration closed 15 Jan 04:46

Hi Phat Hat participants,

We have closed the tournament website. If you still need to deregister, you must do so by emailing me at Please don't be a no-show!

Same goes for registration. There are plenty of spaces left. If you have a friend who wants to register,...

Accommodation, party and theme 04 Jan 10:34

Hi Phat Hatters, the new year is upon us, which means it's less than two weeks until first pull! Lodging guide to follow (below), but let's start with the basics:

DON'T BE A NO-SHOW - Once again, if you have registered for the tournament but *can't* come, make sure you unregister at...

Sign up for Phnom Penh Masters - Friday 16 January 17 Dec 03:50

To all those coming to the BPPPH, may I remind you that on the Friday before the tourney the first-ever Phnom Penh Masters tournament will be held. This will be a small, three- or four-team, half-day event beginning in the afternoon. Minimum age is 33 for guys and 30 for girls (I believe).

If you...

Big Phat Hat Update #1 14 Dec 04:42

If you are receiving this email you are confirmed for the 2015 Big Phat Phnom Penh Hat. Congratulations. Note that we are getting close to our theoretical max of 170 players for this event. So if you have friends who are on the fence, urge them to sign up asap.

First things first: If you signed...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Greg (Greg Bloom) M
2. Kris (Kris O'Brien) F
3. Nana (Nanna Lee) F
4. Rob (Rob Hawkins) M
5. Crays (Kwan Seng) M
6. Aaron (Aaron Herman) M
7. Vick (Vickay Pahilan) F
8. Trissy Nguyen (Trissy Nguyen) F
9. Jonathan Sarmiento M
10. D. (Dieu Nguyen) F
11. Jake (Jake Bell) M
12. Nykhone (Nicholas Dupuy) M
13. Lanie (Lanie Honda) F
14. Alan (Alan Hon) M
15. Prudence (Prudence Roberts) F
16. Leo-T (Leonard Ting) M
17. Alec (Alec Hutson) M
18. ee (eehuey lee) F
19. Steve Loh Choon weng (Steve Loh) M
20. BIG AL (Al Sanchez) M
21. Kate (Katharine Bagshaw) F
22. daniellucky (Daniel Lucky Lucky) M
23. Da (Chanda Cheng) M
24. Thuy (Thuy Nguyen) F
25. Hobbit (Kosal Heng) M
26. Soso (sophoan peou) F
27. Lindsay Voigt (Lindsay V) F
28. Fozzy (Travis LF) M
29. Kukeez (Khanh Tran) F
30. Flo (Florent Zwiers) M
31. Bowzer (Jillian Du) F
32. calvin ong (Ong Leong) M
33. Boon (Ray Ang) M
34. Bots (Katie Botsford) F
35. Oggy (khe nguyen) M
36. D (Derrick Haynes) M
37. Céline (Céline Sieu) F
38. esteban (esteban sonderman) M
39. Ben (Ben Ingamells) M
40. daniel axon (Dan Axon) M
41. DFL (David Fuhrmann-Lim) M
42. Papa Bear (Carroll Moreton) M
43. Ding Soon (Ting Ding Soon 陈) M
44. Kelvin (Kelvin Morgan) M
45. Newton (Mark Newton) M
46. Lance (Lance DuBos) M
47. Mayte (Mayte de Vries) M
48. Bonnie (Bonnie Loudon Coles) F
49. Jojo (Eleanor Hart) F
50. Helen (Helen Brunt) F
51. Polly (Polly Sinnett-Jones) F
52. Yung Nathan (Nathan Levin) M
53. Adrien (Adrien Stehly) M
54. Gaz (Gareth Cook) M
55. Ben Rutlo M
56. Brian-I (Brian Crepin) M
57. Mr. John (John Palmer) M
58. Lan (Azlan Hamid) M
59. Yaya (Yaya Wu) F
60. T (Teri Rothenburger) F
61. Keo (Keogh Johnston) M
62. Sean (Sean Tangey) M
63. Aidan (Aidan Ellis) M
64. Tuan anh (Tuananh Tran) M
65. Kid (James Forsythe) M
66. Marty Bergoffen (Marty Bergoffen) M
67. ZJ (Zachary Johnson) M
68. Christine (Christine Cantwell) F
69. Kimbo (Kymme Kim) F
70. Lee Beller (Lee Beller) F
71. Max (Max Cady) M
72. Fatu (Fatima Yousif) F
73. Zach (Zach L) M
74. Haig (Haig Balian) M
75. Diamond (Dan Magie) M
76. Lee (Guoqing Li) M
77. Rainbow unicorn (Dan Friendly) M
78. Xin (Xinhong Chen) F
79. Glenn (Glenn Tantoco) M
80. Andy (Andy Fulton) M
81. Reachy (Sovannareach Yoeun) M
82. Perry (Perry Mandeville) M
83. Tom (Thomas Capranica) M
84. Lucilla (Lucy Haurisa) F
85. Vu Anh Vu (vu vu) M
86. Joe (Joeyjoe Joe) M
87. Ponlok (Ty PunLok) M
88. ko-kee (Peter Kokke) M
89. Bob (Bob Benusa) M
90. Amore (Amaury Peeters) M
91. John (John Allen) M
92. Joely the Goalie (Joel Ford) M
93. Keyops (David Arsenault) M
94. Yuth (Yoeun Phyuth) M
95. Vutha (Vutha Va) M
96. Heng (Sok Heng) M
97. sovannak (Pang Sovannak) M
98. Jones (Ian Jones) M
99. Seyha (Seyha Troeurng ) M
100. Koeung (Koeung Khon) M
101. Veng Virak (Tharo Ja Lerm) M
102. Nara (Nara Tith) M
103. Dyno (Dyno Pich) M
104. Whirlwindi (Windi Tapawan) F
105. Lovely Bastard (Fred Mace) M
106. Jed (Jedil Lavhart Robelo) F
107. Vichka (Vicheka Yoeun) M
108. Nate (Nate Rumple) M
109. RoRo (Romina de Jong) F
110. Justin (Justin Boggs) M
111. Lyhour (Ma-Pozz Ezo UnCool) M
112. SB (Sara Bawden) F
113. Johnny Weekend (Johnny Weekend) F
114. Breezy (Eric Arbizo) M