The 2nd Chengdu Hat 2014


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The 2nd Chengdu Hat is now open for registration!

还没来过成都?有熊猫,还有飞盘,还有熊猫飞盘。我们叫飞盘大队,也叫肥盘大队. 你们是那个大队的?
Never been to Chengdu? We have Pandas here, the one who knows Kongfu or the ones who are just fat. What is Feipanda, that’s one question I got a lot recently. In Chinese Fei 1st tone means Flying, Fei 3rd tone means Fat. So you are either a flying or a fat one. You fat or what?
DATES: November 8th-9th
派对主题:动物 (做你最好)
Party Theme: Animals (Be an awesome animal !)
比赛地点:成都市中心真草球场 (图片,地图,交通随后奉上)
Location: Chengdu City Center Real Grass Field (Coming up soon. Map,Transportation advice and photos)

关于成都飞盘大队 About Feipanda

成都飞盘大队是一支由早期业余爱好者组织起来的队伍,从2008年至今我们享受着极限飞盘给我们带来的快乐和友谊。2010年我们举办了第一届分 组赛,在今年队内凝聚力的增长下,我们决定继续在成都举行比赛,争取为各地的飞盘玩家提供更好的飞盘氛围。追盘少年们,来成都玩飞盘吧!

Chengdu Feipanda Ultimate Frisbee team was original formed by some really fun and cool people. We love ultimate just like we love this city. We are enjoying the fun ultimate has brought to us since 2008. More important are the people that make our weekend very exciting. Chengdu hosted the 1st hat tournament in 2010. With the increased desire of providing a good ultimate atmosphere, we decided to host our 2nd Hat at the lovely place we call home. Come and enjoy a good weekend of ultimate with Feipandas! Cheers.

赛程赛制 Regulation

本次比赛为分组赛,同时也接受团队的报名。男女混合赛制,男女比例5:2. This is a Hat tournament. However, we do receive team registration if your team would like to stick together. Mix game with 5:2 male to female ratio.  

报名方式 Registration

欢迎所有在中国地区的中外极限飞盘队伍和玩家参加。 所有报名工作都将通过网上报名的形式完成,请下载(个人报名表队伍报名表)并填写报名表,以附件的形式发送至

We welcome all Ultimate Frisbee players to sign up for this tournament. All registrations will be done online. Pls Download (Individual Registration Form or Team Registration Form) Fill out as much info as possible , send to
报名截止日期: 11月1日
Registration closes on the 1st of Nov.
费用: 250元/人        10月20日23:59前的早鸟
          300元/人        11月1日23:59前的后鸟

FEES: Early Birds 250/person (Before Oct.20th 23:59)
           300/person (Oct. 21th ~ Nov.1st 23:59)

支付方式: 支付宝(推荐)     郑眯
银行卡 6222024402058002241任尧  (中国工商银行高升桥东路分理处) 转账时请备注您的姓名。

Payment: Alipay(Recommended)
Bank Transfer Account: 6222024402058002241 任尧(ICBC高升桥东路分理处)

 Leave your name while doing the payment. Note: If you are an international traveler / or simply someone who does not have a Chinese bank account or Alipay, register with email first. Inform us in the email that you will be paying cash when you arrive. But if you do have Chinese friends or teammates we strongly recommend that you use their help for the sake of easy organization. Much Appreciated!

Fees Includes: Field expenses, Two Lunches, One dinner, Saturday Party, Fruits, water, Insurance, Panda disc.

观战家属、朋友15元/人顿,晚餐+Party 60元/人 。
If you have friends coming along but who are not going to play pls let us know through email in advance so we can help to arrange extra lunch/dinner.
Lunch 15/person/meal, dinner and party 60/person.

保险 Insurance

我们将为来参赛的所有队员购买大众保险赛事安心保险,10元每人每天费用已经在报名费里,请务必在填写表格时使用你的真实姓名及准确的证件号码,(非常重要)。 We will be purchasing insurance for each participant. The costs are 10/day/person. This fee is already included in the registration fee. So please fill out the registration form with your full name and correct passport No. (VIP)  

住宿推荐 Accommodation

(Coming up soon, we will list out few good hotel/hostel options close by the field)

联系方式 Contact Us

Write to us AT: Anything!
Call Denise(Eng.)138-8019-7236

See More Of Feipanda, Pls Visit our official Website.

Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Abu (Jason Young) M
2. Henry (Henry Han) M