Guate/Antigua Ultimate Tourney V 2014

It's fall, which means it's time for Antigua to head back up to Guatemala City for our 5th Antigua/Guatemala City Ultimate Tournament! Chen and the gang will be hosting the Antigua crew for another day of disc and a bbq afterwards on Sunday, November 16th. 

 This spring Guatemala City came as close as ever to conquering the Antigua crew in the final Sunday afternoon grudge match - with powerhouses like Melissa Hassler and Chris Gwinner retired Stateside, will this be the chance for Tom DiVincenzo and Aaron Mar to finally lead the Guatemalan team to victory and take home the belt?

Will anybody be able to step up and stop Chen's lighting quick speed?
Will anybody be able to best the Cook brothers in search for another title?
Without star handler Erik Dahl, will Guatemala have the offense capable to bring home a win?
Will Nick Stulk finally admit that he lives in Guatemala City and trade teams?
Will Eric Fry actually make it on time??

All this and more will be found out on November 16th. You won't want to miss it. 

Admission is free. Come for the disc, stay for the booze.