Guam Hat 2015

Come one, come all to Guam for our two day hat tournament on May 23-24, 2015. The first day will be on great grass at the Leo Palace Resort.  Japanese and Korean baseball teams come here for their spring training.  Some of the best grass Asia has to offer.  The second day will be on a beautiful island beach directly in front of a bar. $40 registration fee gets you a shirt, food and drinks at the field on both days, and parties on Friday and Saturday night. The Saturday night party theme is Space Hookers, so pull out that slutty alien gear you know you all have.

Hope to see everyone out here in May!
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Sunshine (Matt Heibel) M
2. Nick (Nick Toft) M
3. Trey (Trey Dunn) M
4. Paul (Paul Alan Buffington) M
5. B-Mur (Brian Murray) M
6. jefe (Jose LeonGuerrero II) M
7. Natards (Natalie Hill) F
8. Doug (Doug Haden) M
9. Dee (Diana Carlos) F
10. Michael Witry M
11. Theresa (Theresa Hochstein) F
12. Jojo (Joleen West) F
13. Canadrian (Adrian Kense) M
14. Kano (Matthew Kane) M
15. Geo (Jovon Winnell) M
16. Robocop (John Espe) M
17. Nick (Emmanuel Palomo) M
18. Jordan (Jordan Leidel) F
19. Justine (Justine Kaseman) F
20. White Donnie (Matt Walitschek) M
21. Jess (Jessica Toft) F
22. Pete (Peter Crispell) M
23. Drew (Drew Burton) M
24. Aubrey (Aubrey Briscoe) F
25. Paul Burton M
26. Jon Jon (Jonathan Phenix) M
27. Greg (Gregory Thomas) M
28. Sarah (Sarah Huber) F
29. Jeremy (Jeremy Huber) M
30. Tampon (Brett Railey) M
31. Bri (Briana Leben) F
32. Erin (Erin McCann) F
33. Martos (Martin Kastner) M
34. Salt (Edgar Soltero) M
35. Chris (Christiana-Jo Quinata) F
36. Frawley (Tom Frawley) M
37. Rachel (Rachel Epperson) F
38. Zac (Zac Caldwell) M
39. Will (Will Schroeder) M
40. kevin (kevin ryan) M
41. mik (Miku Nashu Torres) M
42. Amanda (Amanda Allen) F
43. Yuri (Yuri No) F
44. Syp (Michael Sypien) M
45. James Collins (James Collins) M
46. Oscar Quezada M
47. Ben (Ben Boni) M
48. Andrea (Andrea Hershberger) F
49. Alex (Alex Johanson) M
50. Ian (Ian Dea) M
51. RTR (Keith Longuski) M
52. Alex/Sarah Vee (Alex Vee) M
53. McPeanut (Jason Flory) M
54. Lorelei (Lorelei Nelson) F
55. Ryan (Ryan deRegnier) M
56. Kal (Kahlil Ello) M
57. erin (Erin Flanagan) M
58. Brian (Brian Flaherty) M
59. Allison (Allison Rutter) F
60. Blowhole (Blowhole Ladmirault) M
61. Tryin To Score (Rachel Volsteadt) F
62. Kate (Kate Kirby) F
63. Baby Face Beau Delis (Beau Delis) M
64. TEX (Travis Barton) M
65. Ben (Ben Hayes) M
66. Nate (Nate Scheer) M
67. Kendrick (Kendrick Perez) M
68. Johnny (Johnathan Gilbreth) M
69. Oscar Quezada M
70. Alisha (Alisha Molyneux) F
71. James (James Bush) M
72. Jon Moofasah (Jon Muth) M
73. John (John Lacap) M
74. J R (John Rose) M
75. Bubbly doc (Alyson Brinker) F