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Please find all relevant information in the download links below:





Each team will have 4 games on Saturday, and at least 2 on Sunday.  Games are longer this year at 75 minutes per round robin game so you get more play time!  This schedule may be subject to change.



Teams will be made shortly - and will be announced tomorrow - stay tuned.

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your friendly #Hat #TD #TeamGeneral info
  • Dates: June 13 and June 14
  • Location: Tai Hang Tung Recreation Ground, Prince Edward
  • Age limit: 16+
  • Fees: 300 HKD early bird. Pay via:
    • Via credit card with paypal using the "pay fees" button on the top left of this page.
    • Wire the money to: HSBC Hong Kong, beneficiary: Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association, account #: 809-499338-001. Please forward your payment slip to kingilaulau@gmail.com.  IF YOU DON'T FORWARD YOUR PAYMENT SLIP, WE DON'T KNOW YOU PAID !
    • Please note, any bank transfer charges should be incurred by the sender.  Please double check with your bank if there are charges on your transfer.
    • If none of these work for you, please contact giovanni.lion@gmail.com or cheung.linghin@gmail.com
  • Please note please pay by May 29th to secure your spot for the tournament!

  • Registration:
    • The annual Hong Kong Hat Tournament is sponsored as part of the Samsung 58th Festival of Sport, organized in conjunction with the government's Lesiure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and the Hong Kong Sports Federation.  The Festival of Sport is sponsored to encourage Hong Kong citizens to actively participate in sports in their spare time.  Because the tournament is organized under the banner of the Festival of Sport, we are required to give priority to local registrations, and especially players who are new to the sport.
      • To accommodate for the qualifications to participate under the Festival of Sport, we will have guaranteed spots reserved for Hong Kong based players, in addition to beginners.
      • For Non-Hong Kong players wishing to participate, it will be based on a first-come, first-serve policy.  
      • For overseas players who wish to participate, we understand the difficulty of having a spot before purchasing flights. Please email us directly before purchasing your flight to Hong Kong.
    • Given all of the above, it is extremely likely, that we will have enough field space to accommodate all interested players, as we have double the field space (from 2 fields to 4 fields). 

More information to come!  Stay Tuned.

Day 2 Start Times HK HAT 13 Jun 13:22

Hey Everyone,

Red, Green, Yellow and Blue will have games starting at 9:30 AM

Black, Light Blue, Orange, Grey, Brown, Purple will have game starting at 11:00 AM.

Seeya Tomorrow

#HK #Hat #Teams 11 Jun 11:59

Hey frisbee people !

Teams have been made, we've used the power of #science to form the teams, and they are all perfectly #equal in strength !!  Click either link below to see the team lists.



Wrong Link on google drive infopack. #Oops 10 Jun 07:46





Each team will have 4 games on Saturday, and at least 2 on Sunday.  Games are longer this year at 75 minutes per round robin...

#HK #HAT 2015 #InfoPack #Schedule 10 Jun 07:29

Hey #Frisbee #Lovers,

Do you have your #partyswag ready for the #Hat this weekend?  It's time to get excited as we're 3 days away !

Please find all relevant information in the download links below:




Reminder Last Chance to confirm For the 2015 #HK HAT 08 Jun 02:28

Hey Everyone,

Reminder - tomorrow (June 9th) is the deadline for the payment / confirmation for the HK Hat.  Please email me at cheung.linghin@gmail.com if you haven't paid, but would still like to play this weekend.


#HK HAT Deadline for Payment: Tuesday June 9th, 11:59 pm 02 Jun 11:38

Hi Everyone,

Less than two weeks before the #HK HAT !!

All preparations are going great and even the fields look like there is some #grass growing on the fields!

Some announcements:

1)  Final Payment Deadline is Tuesday June 9th 11:59 pm.  If you haven't paid and notified us by then, or...

Waitlist is now open for payment 30 May 17:08

Hey #Everyone,

I've opened the payment option for anyone on the #waitlist.  If you are currently on the waitlist and would like a spot, please pay the tourney fee and send the payment details to us, please include in your email that you're currently on the waitlist.  Once payment is...

#HK #Hat #2015 28 May 01:22

Hey Everyone,

One more announcement - there is a #bug in the Paypal system that I was unaware of, it's not marking down people as they pay through the registry site.  We've gone into the paypal account and manually marked most people who have paid down.

BUT if you paid for multiple players and...

Hong Kong 2015 #HashTag #Hat - Payment by May 29th 27 May 15:12

Hello Everyone,

Hope you're excited for the 2015 #Hong #Kong #HashTag #Hat.  This year's theme is #HASHTAGS!

Please by May 29th, #pay your #registration fee.  After May 29th, it will be #first pay #first serve, and anyone on the waitlist can pay to confirm their spot.  Pay ASAP to...

Payment deadline to secure spot - May 29th 04 May 14:05

Hey Guys,

I'm stupid and the date was left out for payment deadline.  It's May 29th to send your payment in before your spot will be opened to the Wait List.

Sorry for the spam

Wait List Opened! 04 May 13:32

Hey Everyone !


Good news:  We've opened the wait list, and almost everyone who has signed up get's a spot to play in the tournament !  We have a total of 180 spots for players.  Thank you everyone for your...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Jimmy (Jimmy Lai) M
2. Anton (Antonin Delcamp) M
3. Sunny (Sunny Todd) M
4. Super Hsu (Super Hsu) M
5. Wanda (Wanda Yuen) F
6. Kevin Ho (Kevin Ho) M
7. Rafael (Rafael Cao) M
8. Carlo (Carlos Ieong) M
9. Sharon Wong (Sharon Wong) F
10. Kimchiiiii Kingi (Kingi Lau) F
11. Nickel (Nickel Jianhui Zhu) M
12. Bryson (Bryson Chan) M
13. Sondra Wong (Sondra Wong) F
14. Mike Ross (Mike Ross) M
15. Cal (Cal Lee) M
16. Will-I-aM (William ieong) M
17. Gene Sin (gene sin) M
18. Colina (Colin Erickson-Sheehy) M
19. Syzygy (Jason Chen) M
20. TimO (Tim O'Rourke) M
21. Terry Au (Terry Au) M
22. John Lui (John Lui) M
23. Gigi (Gigi Law) F
24. Tino (Valentino A) M
25. TMC (Tay Choo) F
26. Core Four (The GOAT) M
27. Tom Jones (Tom Jones) M
28. grandma (Tee Sim) F
29. Alice Shen (Alice Shen) F
30. lydia (lydia Xiao) F
31. John Leong (John Leong) M
32. Eddie (Eddie Zhu) M
33. Chelsea (Chelsea Du) F
34. John Hung (AB Fan) M
35. Hannah.Ma (hannah Ma) F
36. JasonC (Jason Cancel) M
37. Ed (Ed Lee) M
38. Calvin (Calvin Cheng) M
39. Tammy (li song) F
40. CT (ChunTung Au) M
41. Batman (Bat Kwok) M
42. Xinyi (Xinyi Liang) F
43. paul (Paul luo) M
44. Wilkinson (Wilkie Chu) M
45. Jakjak (Jak Lau) M
46. Sam (Samuel Tan) M
47. ๐ŸŒŸ Redbaron ๐ŸŒŸ (David Zhou) M
48. Miao (Miao Jinyan) M
49. Dem_nsk (Dmitriy Doroshenko) M
50. Mike (Mike Wong) M
51. James (Haoyan Chen) M
52. Elvis (Elvis Yeung) M
53. Kay ๐ŸŒŸ (Kay Kuo) F
54. Vincent (Vincent Yu) M
55. Zoe (Zoe Wolters) F
56. American Captain (steve safarowic) M
57. Tomboy Shirley (Tomboy Shirley) F
58. Edwin (Edwin Shao) M
59. sunnyไป” (Sunny So) M
60. benn (reuben lu) M
61. James (James Inman) M
62. meridien (HuiLu Chia) F
63. david wang (david wang) M
64. Lewis (Lewis Qiu) M
65. Wilson (Wilson Wong) M
66. Harry (Harry Luong) M
67. Monica (Monica Yang) F
68. Chris (Chris Tang) M
69. catherine (catherine teng) F
70. baby (baby Tan) M
71. Chaco (Chaco Chan) F
72. Phil (Phil Mok) M
73. Sean (Sean Keith) M
74. sunny (Sunny Chan) M
75. Penny (Penny P) F
76. Ying (Michael Ying) M
77. Mm (Maisy Li) F
78. Taylor (Taylor Ashton Grimmer) M
79. Kuji (Kuji Nakano) M
80. Luke (yu hao) M
81. Mavis Fung (Mavis Fung) F
82. Vivian (Jing Guo) F
83. Shatow Brandi (brandi Huang) F
84. BRANDISSY (BRUH Brandon ) F
85. Ungar (Matthew Ungar) M
86. Sextown (Matthew Sexton) M
87. Wynn (Wynn Wu) M
88. Jonathan Tang (Chung Hei Tang) M
89. Hannah (Yihan ZHOU) F
90. Lewis (Lewis Glover) M
91. Qiyan (Qiyan Tang) M
92. Old Master Q (Conor Quigley) M
93. Kerry (Kerry Dandie) F
94. Kahu (Kirk Kahu) M
95. Jah Ying (Jah Chung) F
96. Yoshino Sakuma (Roldy Lo) M
97. daniel (ji cai) M
98. Glen (Glen Cornell) M
99. Celine Binder (Celine Binder) F
100. Ben (Yuan Yang) M
101. Maizi (Maizi Wang) F
102. sansorrow04 (J W Eng Sanjoy) M
103. Angela (Angela Zhang) F
104. Victor (Victor Lau) M
105. lizzie (Lizzy Cao) F
106. will shoemaker (will shoemaker) M
107. Shulei (Shulei Nan) F
108. Nara (Nara Liang) F
109. Cathy (Cathy Liu) F
110. Chris (Christopher Celio) M
111. John (John Jansen) M
112. Joe (็‚Ž้พ™ ้™ถ) M
113. Trevor (Trevor Tong) M
114. Judy He (Judy Ho) F
115. Pippa (Philippa Francis) F
116. Jazi (Jazi Zilber) M
117. Susie Sun (Susie Sun) F
118. Pish (Pishun Tantivangphaisal) M
119. Monte (Monte Lai) M
120. yong (yong yun) M
121. Paige Melanson F
122. Sam Dreiman (Sam Dreiman) M
123. Scott Cameron (Scott Cameron) M
124. Nitai (Nitai Deitel) M
125. Gio (Giovanni Lion) M
126. Ramie (Ramie Jacobson) M
127. Bartels (Paul Bartels) M
128. Clay (Clay Carol) M
129. Fluffy (Tim Dodwell) M
130. Beeeee (Beeeee D) M
131. Raven (Raven Morato) M
132. Jenn (J. Ng) F
133. Taison (Taison Chang) M
134. beef (B Wong) M
135. Walton! (Walton Lee) M
136. Nickie (Nickie Wong) F
137. Yuklear weapon (Yuki Choi) F
138. JJ (Jin Jia Chew) M
139. Long (Long Hoang) M
140. Tuan (Tuan Phan) M
141. Nic (Nic Cass) M
142. Rie (Rie Kimura) F
143. Michael Tang (Michael Tang) M
144. Tony Poon (Tony Poon) M
145. DONNA D (Donna Saur) F
146. Rachel (Weiju L) F
147. ginger wong F
148. Arthur (Arthur Cheng) M
149. Aaron (Aaron Herman) M
150. Jantzen (Jantzen Pang) M
151. Neville Cheung (Neville Cheung) M
152. Natalie (natalie nguyen) F
153. Vick (Vickay Pahilan) F
154. Sparling (Kevin Sparling) M
155. Esther (Esther Lin) F
156. Dexter (Dexter Tan) M
157. BDN (Nick Tsao) M
158. Mitzi (Mitzi Canafranca) F
159. wolf (Wolfgang Maehr) M
160. Ahsan (Mohamed Ahsan) M
161. Devin ๐ŸŒŸ (Devin Licastro) M
162. Jack (Jack Fox) M
163. Derek (Derek Cheng) M
164. Jeremy (Jeremy Leung) M
165. MOuse aka Mitzi's fiance (Marian Majer) M
166. Tracy (Tracy Bluestein) F
167. Chor (Chor Huang) F
168. Becca (Rebecca Vuong) F
169. Andrea (Andrea Ouimette) F
170. Adrian (Adrian Yuen) M
171. Jaslyn Lim (Jaslyn Qw) F
172. Jo (Joanne Matibag) F
173. AlierGreen (Alier Green) F
174. Lynden (Lynden Chiang) F
175. Marcus Chan (Marcus Chan) M
176. Brian (Brian Liu) M
177. Andrea (Andrea ๅผ ) F
178. Michael (Michael Gonzales) M
179. Bryan (Bryan Tran) M
180. Lester (Lester Sualog) M
181. JJ (John Johnson) M
182. Rich (Richard Lee) M
183. Dhes (Dhesant Nakka) M
184. YM (Yuri Melnychuk) M
185. Sarah (Sarah Fan) F
186. Athena (Athena Han) F
187. T (Tiana Wu) F
188. Gary (Gary So) M
189. Fresh (Doug Heimburger) M
190. Eric (Eric Lin) M
191. Dom (Dominic Wong) M
192. Tim (Timothy Tan) M
193. LFAristotle (Tim Flanders) M
194. Conan (Conan Laurie) M
195. Bettina (Bettina Chen) F
196. JJ (Johannes Jaeger) M
197. Pikachu (Nick Goodall) M
198. Jeremie (Jeremie Lichtfus) M