Hong Kong Hat 2015 2015

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Waitlist is now open for payment 30 May 17:08

Hey #Everyone,

I've opened the payment option for anyone on the #waitlist.  If you are currently on the waitlist and would like a spot, please pay the tourney fee and send the payment details to us, please include in your email that you're currently on the waitlist.  Once payment is received your spot will be #confirmed.

If you are unable to process payment for whatever reason, please contact us directly.

Reminder: Everyone who wants to play in the tournament must have either paid tourney fees BEFOREHAND or have messaged the organizers directly.  If we don't receive your payment or receive notice from you, you will NOT be assigned onto a team.  This is YOUR #responsibility to follow-up with the organizers, not ours to chase you down.  If your name does NOT have a little click box next to it in the participant list, that means your spot is confirmed.

cheung.linghin@gmail.com for any questions or concerns!

In the meantime - start thinking of awesome #trending #costumes for the #party !

#2weeks to the #HKHAT


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