Shanghai Fall Hat 2015

Summer is fading away and that means the fall Ultimate season is almost upon us. Shanghai will host a one-day hat tournament on August 29th from 9-4 at the Shanghai Football and Rugby Club in Pudong, and we would like to invite all players in the region to come play and shake off the summer rust. 150 rmb for lunch (100 for students, 50 for SFRC members) and a full day of Ultimate, with medals for the winning team. 
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Alec (Alec Hutson) M
2. Chocolate Summer (Fan Xiajing) F
3. Rodger (JIULONG XU) M
4. LJ (Aaron LJ) M
5. bling (wenjing xue) F
6. Jack Sparrow (jack Chen) M
7. Wilson (Hao Tang ) M
8. seven (xu seven) M
9. Fred Shi (Fred Shi) M
10. Daisy (daisy hong) F
11. Irene (Irene Yang) F
12. Bob (Bob Wu) M
13. Amy (Amy Qiang) F
14. T-3 (Hongyi Zhang) M
15. Jerry (Jerry Hu) M
16. Julie (xueya zhao) F
17. Nick (Nick Scott) M
18. LFAristotle (Tim Flanders) M
19. Peter (Peter PAN) M
21. Sacha (sacha altimas) M
22. JC (Juan Rico) M
23. Brad (Brad Spencer) M
24. Jasun Moy (Jasun Moy) M
25. Geoff Ng (Geoff Ng) M
26. Dax (Dax Haas) M
27. Dani (Danielle Connelly) F
28. Taylor Chang F
29. Curtis (Curtis Harnisch) M
30. Eliot (Eliot Zhu) M
31. spider (zixuan wang) M
32. Jud (jud willmont) M
33. Charlotte (ZHIYI CHEN) F
34. Etienne (Etienne Créton) M
35. Josh (Josh Nantz) M
36. Andrew (Andrew Lee) M
37. franco (Franco Chen) M
38. Gary Gong (Gary 弓昊楠) M
39. Kevin 宋楷文 (Kevin Schoenmakers) M
40. JoeWilson (Joseph Wilson) M
41. Samuel J Wilson (Sam Wilson) M
42. Joseph (Joseph Hu) M
43. silliwilli01 (william tseng) M
44. Peter (Peter Liu) M
45. Scarlett (Scarlett Teng) F
46. Kevin101 (kevin pan) M
47. Valorie (Wenrui Ma) F
48. vito (于 帅) M
49. Darth Vegan (Martin Plasse) M
50. miki (miki xie) M
51. william (ruoyi tan) M
52. Lee (Lee Tang) F
53. Sarah (Sarah Pan) F
54. Ironreavers (Robert Oleksiew) M
55. Scott (Scott Lassey) M
56. Brady (Brady Riddle) M
57. Shawna (Shawna Hampton-Riddle) F
58. Jess (Jessica Dunbar) F
59. Nina (Nina Keller) F
60. rosie (James Anderson) M
61. Wenya (Wenya Song) F
62. Yohanna (Yohanna Yang) F
63. pei (pei liu) F
64. 敏敏 Min Min (MIN LI) F
65. Larson (Jeff Larson) M
66. BOX (BOX Zhangwei) M
67. YJY (JY Y) F
68. Dave (David Willis) M
69. Katie (Katie Marie Evans) F
70. Jason Zhang (Jason Zhang) M
71. yames (James Shao) M
72. Sam (sam schmoker) M
73. Elvis Skyler (Elvis Skyler ) M
74. Grace (Grace Hui) F
75. 小黑 (Joan Xia) F
76. Chloe (洁怡 陈) F
77. Gary (Jiaren Xu) M
78. voca (方豪 叶) M
79. Olivian (Yang Jiao) F
80. Wendy (思苇 翁) F
81. Connor (Connor Halline) M
82. Kiki (Kiki Huang) F
83. Kitty (Kitty Wang) F