Shenzhen Fall/Winter League 2015

We're back again with two more leagues:) Our organizing committee has decided to do our Fall and Winter Leagues together so that we can save time and money on designing jerseys. The Fall portion of the league will be 4 weeks but 5 days total, there will be a short 2 week break(with maybe a beach trip), followed by the Winter portion of the League for 6 weeks. 

Tentative Schedule:

Fall - Sundays 12:00-2:00PM unless otherwise stated

10/24 Saturday

Break Week 1 - SZ Women's Hat - 11/1
Break Week 2 - 11/8

Winter - Sundays 12:00-2:00PM unless otherwise stated
11/21 Saturday (The GZ Jumble Jumble is Sunday) 

Super Smash Bros!
Got a beef? Settle it in Smash! The brawl to end them all!

Mario vs. Link vs. Donkey Kong vs. Kirby!

A battle to decide who is the top gaming legend EVER! Unless Kirby wins:))

We will also be doing a series of matches of the Super Smash Bros video game following select days of the League.

Please repost about our new League on your moments. We need to find a lot of people to join:) If you see Jeff or anyone post about our League during the seasons, please post also. It helps generate interest:)

Joining us on this new epic adventure is our returning awesome sponsor Frankies - Grille | Bar | Cigars. Show them some love whenever you can. Especially Nate who will be joining us on the field. Hopefully a few other Frankies staff as well:)

Also joining us again is Moonshine Limited with their delicious flavored Shine made right here in SZ.

The League will be returning to Shenzhen Bay Stadium. 

12:00-2:00PM Sundays

What you get:

Awesome themed jersey, two leagues worth of Ultimate, a beautiful field to play on, a chance to humiliate your friends in a soul crushing game of Super Smash Bros., prizes and medals if you win. There will be a dinner provided to the team with the highest ranking on the last day of the Fall portion of the league. Overall winning team will receive a trophy to fight over:)

Fees will be broken into two and you will have the option of paying for one at a time or all together. You only have to pay for the shirt once though they will be sponsored, so at the end of the league there will be a refund at the League Party if you show up to support it. Anyone not showing up for the League Party will forfeit their sponsorship which will be placed in the club's rainy day fund which is used to pay for medicine in our kit, days when we rent a field and are short people, and hopefully some new fun things we have planned like giveaways of free entrance to a hat tournament, trainings to people, free discs, contests, etc. Please make all payments to David Zhou(Treasurer). 

Cost Breakdown:
1600* 11 for field 17600
600 mid tournament prize
600 end tournament prize
208 medals
100 trophy
550 expenses for bringing things to the field
This is a total of 19658
For the full tourney based on 60 players joining this is 327.6333. So call that 330 per head then add 100 for the shirt total 430 for full tourney. 

Full tourney is 330 for full with shirt 430.
175 for first half 275 with shirt. 
200 for second half. 300 with shirt. 

This is based on 60 players. If we get 80players the cost will be reduced.

Please do your part to make this a successful event, we need people to join so ask your friends, post on your wechat moments, groups, weibo, anything you can to get the word out:)

We can't wait to start and see you all!
Shenzhen Ultimate Players Association Organizing Committee

Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Glen (Glen Cornell) M
2. Kay 🌟 (Kay Kuo) F
3. Athena (Athena Han) F
4. Devin 🌟 (Devin Licastro) M
5. Andy (Andy Zhou) M
6. American Captain (steve safarowic) M
7. 🌟 Redbaron 🌟 (David Zhou) M
8. G.I.Joey (Joey Di) M
9. Ungar (Matthew Ungar) M
10. John (John Jansen) M
11. Jeff (Jeff Bussel) M
12. Colina (Colin Erickson-Sheehy) M
13. stephanie (stephanie ren) F
14. Taylor_Xie (Taylor Xie) M
15. Echo (Echo T) F
16. Dem_nsk (Dmitriy Doroshenko) M
17. Kino (Joaquin 吉诺 Rodríguez) M
18. Celine Binder (Celine Binder) F
19. Tomboy Shirley (Tomboy Shirley) F
20. Cathy (Cathy Liu) F
21. Judy He (Judy Ho) F
22. James M (James Mash) M
23. YM (Yuri Melnychuk) M
24. Sweaty Petty (Devin Petty) M
25. jonathan (Jonathan L) M
26. Chor (Chor Huang) F
27. Marc (Marc Gerard) M
28. Kevin (Kevin Wallace) M
29. Nate (Nathan Dotson) M
30. Buck (Andrew Buck) M
31. Yoshino Sakuma (Roldy Lo) M
32. JP (John Pelcak) M
33. Max (Max Utoplov) M
34. Will (Will Davies) M
35. Hannah.Ma (hannah Ma) F
36. Matt (Matthew Lee) M
37. Bea (beatrice ceresini) F
38. joemacdonald (Joe MacDonald) M
39. paul (Paul luo) M
40. Hightree (Dave Hyslop) M
41. Loewe (LEI YANG) M
42. brendan (Brendan William) M
43. Amanda (Amanda Pyle) F
44. filly (billy frese) M
45. David Wang (Micheal Wang) M
46. Xinyi (Xinyi Liang) F
47. Kuji (Kuji Nakano) M
48. Tammy (tammy Ansell) F
49. Dorf (Steven houle) M
50. Jin H. (Jim Huang) M
51. Jonathan (Jonathan Favre) M
52. Alier Green (Alier Green) F
53. Robert (Robert Smithberg) M
54. Ada (Ada Chik) F
55. Wahiba (Wahiba Ait Zenati) F
56. Lily Li (zhongzhi li) F
57. Jeremie (Jeremie Lichtfus) M
58. charlie (吴晓溪 charlie) M
59. Mac (Mac GE) M
60. Sean (Sean Keith) M
61. chenmon (Alexander Smirnov) M
62. batman (Zhipeng Kwok) M
63. Matt Yau (Matt Yau) M
64. Erica LaVoy (Erica LaVoy) F
65. Esther (Esther P) F
66. xiaoxiang (Xiao Xiang) M
67. Alice Shen (Alice Shen) F
68. Eddie (Eddie Zhu) M
69. Gemini (Gemini Cui) F
70. Monica (Monica Yang) F
71. Will Wu (Will wu) M
72. Chris (Chris McClelland) M
73. Suzy (Yanli Zhang) F
74. Keri (Keri Han) F
75. Pork Buns (David Learn) M
76. Ben (Yuan Yang) M
77. Tony Poon (Tony Poon) M
78. elcamo (Cam French) M