Halloween Hat Year 3: Villain wars 2015


When: October 31, 2015 (4PM - 12MN) 
Where: The Emperador Stadium, McKinley Hills, Taguig City
Registration: October 5, 2015, Monday
Registration Fee: P450.00

Halloween is here again!!! I bet you don't wanna miss this year's edition as we give you Halloween's ULTIMATE WARS!!!

This year, we increased the total number of participants to 168 (divided into 8 teams) and the registration is still on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. We also changed our payment policy in order for everyone to ensure their slots in this yearly event! So once you were able to register successfully (not wait listed of course!), you may now pay your respective registration fees right away. No need to wait for any email confirmations!!!

You can deposit your payments to any of the following bank accounts:

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Peso Savings Account
Katrina Mae J. Cunanan

Banco de Oro (BDO) Peso Savings Account
Katrina Mae J. Cunanan

Don't forget to email us a copy of your deposit slips/transfer confirmations at halloweenhatph@gmail.com so that we could record your payments.

Remember, you have until the midnight of October 17, 2015 to pay your corresponding registration fee. You will definitely lose your slot if you fail to meet the deadline and this will enable the wait listed players to replace you. Only payments made through bank deposits/transfers will be honored.

During registration, you will be asked to rank your skills and this will serve as our basis for generating the teams. Creation of teams will be automated so please evaluate your skill set honestly as the system shuffles the teams according to your ratings (no sandbaggers please!) We want each of the participating teams to be as equally competitive. Don't be shy if you want to be captain, tick the I WANT TO BE CAPTAIN checkbox. We love risk takers here!

Absolutely No Costume No Play. Dress up well cause we prepared really really nice prizes to those participants with great costumes!!! 

For any important announcements, always visit our Official Facebook Event Page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1504025566589229/

For inquiries, email us at halloweenhatph@gmail.com.

What will the Villains do to be the most ULTIMATE of them all? Ultimate Villain Wars, get ready for some major badass bids!!!!

Team Assignments 16 Oct 17:44


Team Captain: Mitzi Canafranca
Miguel Asprer
Jerico Montino
Kikoman Lee

John Robert Raphael Sevilla

Redge Tolentino

Noel Luna

Dominic Escay

Karth Ian
Iñaki Melchor
Saylor Caver
Aubrey Marie Bartolome
Julie Pel-o

Kay Raynera
Ellaine Benavides

[Halloween Hat Year 3: Villain Wars] - Registration Update 14 Oct 00:28

Due to public demand we are extending the deadline to 12mn of October 17, 2015. We will also be accepting cash payments on Friday at Emperador stadium (8pm - 10pm). This is the deadliest deadline so that we can generate the teams by next week and give time to prepare for costumes/props.

Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. JC (JC Ruiz) M
2. Che (Che Bello) F
3. Peds (Peds Dimaranan) M
4. Pauline Baculi (Pauline Baculi) F
5. Steph (Steph Elumba) F
6. brian (Brian Pintac) M
7. Pia (Pia Suganob) F
8. Xian (Xian Manimtim) F
9. Dorkiralpi (Ralph Aguilar) M
10. Julia (Julia Templo) F
11. Karth (Karth Ian) M
12. Ralph (Ralph Espinosa) M
13. Ced (Cedric Palomares) M
14. Troy (Troy Carbungco) M
15. Dodong (Dodong Dela Cruz) M
16. Saylor Caver (Saylor Caver) M
17. Ther (Therese Borra) F
18. Boo (Greg Alling) M
19. Jong (Jong Pascual) M
20. Adrian (Adrian Javier) M
21. Roma (Roma Terucha) F
22. Kenneth (Kenneth Villarina) F
23. JC (JC Ty) M
24. Tantan (Jonathan Santos) M
25. John (John Jerome Lagasca) M
26. Mel (Melissa Manuel) F
27. Kay (Kay Raynera) F
28. dawn (Dawn Dimapilis) M
29. JP (Jp De Vera) M
30. Justine (Justine Villareal) F
31. Redge (Redge Tolentino) M
32. JP (JP Tamayo) M
33. Orange (Orange Buenaflor) F
34. ileyn (Ellaine Benavides) F
35. Ruth (Ruth Dyna Go) F
36. weng (Sherwyn Santiago) M
37. Mel (Melody Trompeta) F
38. Kat Santos (katrina santos) F
39. Hazel (Hazel Tan) F
40. kai (Kai Abueg) F
41. BeeJaded (Bee Jaded) M
42. Mac (Mac Daamo) M
43. Oli (Olivier Togonon) M
44. Jemma (Jemma Ponti) F
45. aubrey (Aubrey Marie Bartolome) F
46. Adi (Adi Tanchoco) M
47. Migs (Miguel Asprer) M
48. JB (Jb Aquino) M
49. Jewel (Jewel Libatique) F
50. Marko (Marko Romero) M
51. JJ (Jj Sison) M
52. Aning (Ann Margaret Ang-Sison) F
53. Bryan (Bryan Rivera) M
54. kate (Kate Sandoval) F
55. martin (Martin Duenas) M
56. TimO (Tim O'Rourke) M
57. Carl (Carleslie Marie Cabaluna) F
58. Kiko Lee (Kikoman Lee) M
59. AK (Ackk Apari) F
60. Louie (Louie Santos) F
61. Rap (John Robert Raphael Sevilla) M
62. Gab (Gab Pagdanganan) M
63. Lenard (Leonard Platon) M
64. Alex (Alexa de la Costa) F
65. adrick (Adrick Aznar) M
66. Kim (Kim Orticio) F
67. Mike (Michael Cubillas) M
68. Gino (Gene Fontanilla) M
69. Thunder (Alex-Thunder Cailipan) M
70. Christian (Christian de Vera) M
71. Quino (Quino Cunanan) M
72. Jerico (Jerico Montino) M
73. Chino (Chino Mendez) M
74. Miko (Miko Rafael Dominguez) M
75. Joan (Joan Almonte) F
76. Rem (Rem Pine) M
77. cristine (Cristine Lacson) F
78. Gika (Gika Nasis) F
79. Inat (Iñaki Melchor) M
80. Rain (Ranielle Caculitan) F
81. John Ray (Johnray Melchor) M
82. Elmo (Elmo Manglal-lan) M
83. Jj (Jj Lucero) M
84. Ambin (Alvin Labiano) M
85. Diegs (Diego De la Costa) M
86. Wryza (Wryza Castillo) F
87. Noel (Noel Luna) M
88. Ave (Ave Pinuela) M
89. Tin (Vanne Christine Angus) F
90. julie (Julie Pel-o) F
91. JM (John Michael Dela Paz) M
92. Rigel (Rigel ALmira) F
93. mok (Vilmor Alegre) M
94. Miah (Miah Gomez) F
95. Yan (Marianne Allam) F
96. Molo (Carlos Molo) M
97. Jaymee (Jaymee Talag) M
98. Dominic (Dominic Escay) M
99. spider (zixuan wang) M
100. Daniel (Daniel Lee) M
101. nica (nica carreon) F
102. Aloy (Aloy Mananzan) M
103. Wowie (Christopher Laurel) M
104. Tiara (Tiara Santos) F
105. Jay (Jay Herson Ramos) M
106. Myky (Myky Saldua) F
107. nica (Nica Ebron) F
108. Jason Zhang (Jason Zhang) M
109. Joyce (Joyce Ignacio) F
110. Marc (Marc Torres) M
111. Pat (Patricia Reyes) F
112. Sasa (Sasa Blanco) F
113. KB (KB Buyoc) F
114. Claire (Claire Lu) F
115. Carlos (Carlos Gacoba) M
116. K-ann (K-ann Lopez) F
117. Aerwin (Aerwin Bravo Frias) M
118. Mik (Mik Balilihan) F
119. Karen (Karen Cunanan) F
120. Chiara (Chiara Cruz) F
121. Nards (Leonard Laurel) M
122. Faiqah (Faiqah Dianalan) F
123. Mitzi (Mitzi Canafranca) F
124. MOuse aka Mitzi's fiance (Marian Majer) M
125. Paolo (Paolo Calimquim) M
126. Will (Joel Dagayloan) M
127. Prince (Prince Andrew Beltran) M
128. Ed (Ed Navarro) M
129. Pat (Patrizhia Reyes) F
130. Aaron (Aaron Carreon) M
131. Margaux (Margaux Reconquista) F
132. Bren (Brenmme Mendoza) M
133. ian (Ian Villar) M
134. BenBer (Benedict Bernabe) M
135. Joanne (Joanne Ayson) F
136. Emjay (Em-jay Fajardo) M
137. Marcy (Marcy Santos) F
138. Don (Donyel Yabut) M
139. Zee (Dennis Zee) M
140. Bats (Batibut Cuyugan) F
141. Bass (John Basil Rabaja) M
142. Josh (Joshua Lapus) M
143. Paolo (Paolo Lopez) M
144. Teo (rafael mateo) M
145. Jek (Jek Mendoza) M
146. Gel (Angela Kristina Angeles) F
147. Jerome (Jerome Diga) M
148. TJ (TJ Robinson Moncatar) M
149. Fran (Fran Blanco) F
150. Boom (Jayson Rupin) M
151. aira (Aira Medina) F
152. Kaye (Kaye Rey) F
153. Cass (Eissac Umali Full) F
154. Cait (Caitlyn Chan) F
155. Nate (Nate Go) M
156. Milo Tan (Milo Tan) M
157. Ryan (Ryan Baguio) M
158. Cricket (Cricket Bawalan) F
159. allen (Allen Gopico) M
160. Bence (Ckinz Bence) M
161. Mitzie (Mitzie De Leon) F
162. Kim (Kim Kenly Sicup) M
163. Corrina (Corrina Louise Azarcon) F
164. XAVE (Xave Dimalanta) M
165. Tate (Jean Dela Cruz) M
166. Vio (Vio Ganibi) M