Shenzhen Spring/Summer League 2016

The weather is getting warmer and it's time to burn off all those wintertime hot chocolates and Spring Festival dumplings with our Shenzhen Spring/Summer league!

Dragonball SZ!

Super Saiyans, Aliens, perverted turtle shell wearing kung fu masters, and magic wish granting dragons? Had to do it. This is the 30 year anniversary of the cartoon that many people grew up with. Play hard and try to play at a level over 9000 ; )

Goku vs Vegeta vs Piccolo vs Freeza

Will it be Goku, Vegeta, or Piccolo that can defeat each other and then defend Shenzhen from the evil Freeza, or will the terrifying Freeza destroy the only forces able to stop him. Find out this season on Dragonball SZ!

UPDATED INFO: We're back again with two more leagues : )  Our organizing committee has decided to do our Spring and Summer Leagues together so that we can save time and money on designing jerseys. The Spring portion of the league will be 5 weeks long starting April 26th. It will immediately be followed by the Summer portion of the League for 5 more weeks starting May 31st. We encourage all players to join the league by April 19th. 

In order to avoid all the conflicts with tournaments happening practically every weekend, we've decided to reschedule the "regular season" of the Spring and Summer league for Tuesday nights at Weixin field in Keyuan (高新南九道和科苑南路交界处). Semifinals and Finals of the Summer league will both still be on Sunday afternoon Shenzhen Bay Stadium fields (深圳湾体育中心). (Note: Its a possibility Semis and Finals will stay Tuesday nights and instead change location to Xidigen if a change to Sunday affects too many players' schedules). 

We've also decided to change the format a bit. Instead of 2 one hour games, we will switch to a practice (either whole group or separate team practice) followed by a single one and a half hour game. All the teams will meet from 8:00-8:50pm to practice ultimate together, with Coach Eddie overseeing the practice to help develop everyone's ultimate level. Then at exactly 9:00 teams will separate and play an hour and a half game from 9:00-10:30pm.  

League Schedule:

Spring - Tuesdays 8:00-10:30PM unless otherwise stated
Weekend Reminder 4/30-5/1 Hong Kong Hat

Summer - Tuesdays 8:00-10:30PM unless otherwise stated
Weekend Reminder - 6/12 - Shenzhen Beach Hat
6/19 - Sunday Semifinals 12-2pm
6/26 - Sunday Finals 12-2pm

We will also be trying to do a series of matches of the Dragonball Z Budoken video game for Wii following select nights of the League.

Please repost about our new League on your moments! We need to find a lot of people to join : ) If you see Jeff or anyone post about our League during the seasons, please post also. It helps generate interest : )

Sponsors:  I'm happy to announce that our amazing sponsor, Frankies - Grille | Bar | Cigars, will be rejoining us on our new epic adventure. Show them some love whenever you can. Especially Nate who will hopefully be joining us on the field. Maybe a few other Frankies staff as well (Come on Jake!)

Also joining us again is Moonshine Limited with their delicious flavored Shine made right here in SZ! Add MoonshineLimited on WeChat to order some delicious flavored craft alcohol.

Location: The league (except for semis and finals) will be played Tuesday nights at Weixin field (高新南九道和科苑南路交界处). While field quality isn't best, the low price will hopefully allow as many players, especially those new to league, to join as possible. The combined practice/league will also replace normal Tuesday night trainings for SZUPA members. League Semifinals and Finals will be held Sunday afternoons at the beautiful Shenzhen Bay Stadium (深圳湾体育中心). This will provide a great venue for teams to go all out for the championship. Please encourage your friends to sign up for league by APRIL 19th.

8:00-10:30PM  for Tuesday Nights. 12-2pm Sundays for Semifinals and Finals.

What you get:

Awesome themed jersey, two leagues worth of Ultimate, a beautiful field to play on (at the end :D), a chance to humiliate your friends in a soul crushing game of Dragonball Z for Wii, prizes if your team is leading at end of Spring league, and prizes and medals if your team wins the league overall. Overall winning team will receive a trophy to fight over:) More to be provided if we can find some more interested sponsors;)

League Fees: 
300RMB total for 10 weeks Spring + Summer + Jersey (plus all players who attend the end-of-summer-league party will receive a refund of 100RMB at the door for the jersey cost.)
200RMB for 5 week Spring OR Summer league + Jersey

Fees will be broken into two and you will have the option of paying for one at a time or all together. You only have to pay for the jersey once and this will be sponsored, so at the end of the league there will be a refund at the League Party if you show up to support it. Anyone not showing up for the League Party will forfeit their sponsorship which will be placed in the club's rainy day fund which is used to pay for medicine in our kit, days when we rent a field and are short people, and hopefully some new fun things we have planned like giveaways of free entrance to a hat tournament, trainings to people, free discs, contests, etc. Please make all payments to David Zhou (Treasurer) either in cash or by WeChat. 

Cost Breakdown:
450* 8 nights (Weixin) + 1600*2 afternoons (SZ Bay) for field 6,800 
600 tournament prizes
208 medals
100 trophy
This is a total of 7,708RMB  

If you decide to do the Spring league but later decide you also want to participate in Summer league, you will only be charged a total of 300RMB.

Jerseys are not optional but if you buy one in the Spring League then you do not need to buy another jersey for Summer league. We feel that having our players wear jerseys helps build a team spirit and helps us look more professional. That we take our sport seriously even if we have cartoon characters and silly things on them ; )

Players from Guangzhou, Hong Kong, or other neighboring cities can join for 200RMB (discounted fee for one season of league including a jersey). There would not be a refund for the jersey since you are already getting a discount. 

This is based on 50 players joining the league. If less than 50 players join we will either need to charge more per person or shorten the league. Maybe both.

Pickups can join each Tuesday night except during semifinals and finals. Cost to join is 40RMB, our regular pickup fee for Tuesday nights. If a Pickup player will be playing for a team in the Summer League, or used to play for a team in the Spring League, their team automatically gets them if they are short players. If a different team needs a player and has less than 5 players, they get priority.

CAPTAINS: The new rule for pickups is that it is your responsibility to confirm who is coming during the week and must RECONFIRM Tuesday afternoon. You will be allowed pickups based on the confirmed list PRIOR to arriving to the field. If someone doesn't show up, you don't get priority. If someone is late and you are short people, you play savage. If you have a gender imbalance, you play short. This means if a team calls 4:3 but you only have 2 girls, you play 4 guys and 2 girls (short one player). Offense decides what is best for them, not what will be better for the defense, so make sure your players come out. That being said, you can give a team a break if they really need it. Please choose pickup players based on a fair replacement for a missing player and avoid trying to get an unfair advantage over the teams you will play against.

Please do your part to make this a successful event. We need people to join so ask your friends, post on your WeChat moments, groups, Weibo, anything you can to get the word out:)

We can't wait to start and see you all!

Ka May Ha May Haaaaaaaa!

Shenzhen Ultimate Players Association Organizing Committee

Shenzhen Spring/Summer League - Updated Schedule - PLEASE tell us if you can't play or unregister yourself 20 Apr 04:49

Hi guys, 

This is our schedule, the Semis might be moved a week later or to Tuesday if people are too tired from the SZ Beach Hat.

Please PM Jeff on Wechat( ID: SZultimate) If you are now unable to do the league on Tuesday nights. Remember, even if you cant do the league most of the dates, you...