Log Jam Classic Indoor HAT 2016


Log Jam Classic is going to be an Indoor HAT on Saturday April 2nd at the Shreveport Indoor Soccer Facility. It's only 20 bucks to play (field costs/pizza/drinks). Play will begin at 11pm! (Plan to get there at least 15 mins before 11pm for team assignment) This is an All Night tournament so get your ginseng, coffee, five hour energy drinks, or whatever else you need to keep your eyeballs open.

There are going to be 4 teams of 7 with each team playing 5 v 5. Spike-ball and/or Mini Ultimate will be set up on the small field if the two teams sitting out need to keep their bodies moving. Pizza will be served at some point in the night. Drink will also be provided. This is a NO ALCOHOL event.

If you are coming from out of town, come earlier in the day if you want. We will watch the AUDL opening, play some disc golf, grab some food and drinks, and other activities. Also, plenty of space available for those wanting to sleep before they get back on the road.

Spots are limited so sign up quickly!

Log Jam 13 Mar 15:21