Hong Kong Beach Hat 2016

Date: 3rd September, 2016 (Saturday)
Venue: Tai Pak Beach, Discovery Bay
Time: 09:00 - 19:00
Capacity: 140 mixed-gender players (20 spaces reserved for beginners)
Player Fee: $270 for HKUPA members, $350 for non-members ($50 Discount for High-School Students aged 16-19)
(Membership is only $100 for students or first-time members! Details: http://www.hkupa.com/about-hkupa/membership/)
Age Limit: 16+

Payment Methods :
1) Paypal via hattournaments .com (+$10 service charge)  
**Paypal fee is set to non-member prices, members and students will receive the appropriate cash refund at the tournament**
2) Bank Transfer to HSBC Hong Kong.     Beneficiary: Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association, account number: 809-499338-001.     
You MUST forward your payment slip to treasurer@hkupa.com . Overseas surcharges may apply**
3) Cash to an HKUPA Board Member     
At any HKUPA weekly events (see calendar at www.hkupa.com)

Tournament Details:
One day hat tournament with 10 teams competing in 5-on-5 beach ultimate games.
Players will sign up as individuals and be assigned into balanced teams based on their playing experience and ability.
The term 'hat' tournament derives from 'drawing names out of a hat'.

There is a total capacity of 130 mixed-gender players. Beginners are welcome, but we strongly encourage them to first learn the basics of Ultimate at HKUPA pick-up games or 'Ultimate 101'.(see calender at www.hkupa.com)

To Learn more about how Ultimate Frisbee is played,
please visit our website: http://www.hkupa.com/about-hkupa/what-is-ultimate/

Player Fee Package:
Tournament fees will include one full day of play, one team jersey, lunch, fruit, water and beers.

Nick Tsao
Development Director

日期:2016年9月3日 (星期六)
時間: 09:00 – 19:00
參與人數:140 男女競賽者
參與費用: $270 香港飛盤總會會員或 $350非會員 (16-19歲中學生有$50折扣)
( 香港飛盤總會會會費詳情:http://www.hkupa.com/about-hkupa/membership/ ) 

1)通過hattournaments.com 用Paypal (+$10 手續費)   
2)銀行轉賬(香港匯豐銀行)     Hon​​g Kong Ultimate Players Association, 银行號碼: 809-499338-001     
**必須把收據轉送到treasurer@hkupa.com 。海外轉賬可能另含銀行附加費**
3)在任何飛盤總會活動把現金繳付飛盤總會理事會 (参考时间表: www.hkupa.com

“帽子”競賽的典故是來自英文的說法'draw names out of a hat', 翻譯成《從帽子中取出名字》。 
參與人數最多有一百名球員,性別不分。歡迎初學者參加,但鼓勵先參與飛盤總會其他活動(賽事訓練 “pick up”/飛盤101訓練班)學好基本飛盤知識。 

如有興趣進一步了解飛盤的玩法,請參考總會網站(只有英文解釋): http://www.hkupa.com/about-hkupa/what-is-ultimate/ 


Nick Tsao
Development Director 推廣總監
HKUPA 香港飛盤總會

Event Organisers 活動主辦:
HKUPA 香港飛盤總會

Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Thilo (Thilo Stoewahse) M
2. Ungar (Matthew Ungar) M
3. Kimchiiiii Kingi (Kingi Lau) F
4. Super Hsu (Super Hsu) M
5. Andy (Andy Zhou) M
6. Olga Z (Olga Zolotarenko) F
7. Kino (Joaquin 吉诺 Rodríguez) M
8. Wilkinson (Wilkie Chu) M
9. Elvis (Elvis Yeung) M
10. Bumblebuzz (Felix Lam) M
11. Borat (Sam Axelrod) M
12. Casey (Casey Guo) F
13. Johann (Johann Ruffié) M
14. Andy Lam (Andy Lam) M
15. Tommy (Tommy Fung) M
16. Old Master Q (Conor Quigley) M
17. Hannah.Ma (hannah Ma) F
18. Michael (Michael Li) M
19. Jonathan Tang (Chung Hei Tang) M
20. Micah (Micah Pang) M
21. jonathan (Jonathan L) M
22. Wanda (Wanda Yuen) F
23. Mike (Mike Wong) M
24. Tom Jones (Tom Jones) M
25. Susie Sun (Susie Sun) F
26. cherrie (Cherrie Chan) F
27. Ben (Ben Margalith) M
28. sparling (Kevin Sparling) M
29. Xinyi (Xinyi Liang) F
30. Victor (Victor Lau) M
31. Marc (Marc Gerard) M
32. Jerry (Jerry Mok) M
33. Tanya (Tanya Lau) F
34. Apple (Apple Tong) F
35. Sarah (Sarah Fan) F
36. Sylwia (Luna Di Silva) F
37. Zeynel (Zeynel Savari) M
38. Law Kam Chuen (Law Gabriel) M
39. Luca (Luca Giannetta) M
40. Heidi (Lee Sin Yi) F
41. Lynden (Lynden Chiang) F
42. Ying (Michael Ying) M
43. CT (Chun Tung Au) M
44. Monte (Monte Lai) M
45. Italian Stalion (Roberto Giannetta) M
46. Dickson (Leung Wai Tong) M
47. Tommaso (Tommaso Giannetta) M
48. Jimmy (Jimmy Lai) M
49. Yipster (yip karwah) M
50. Sunny (Sunny Todd) M
51. Kahu (Kirk Kahu) M
52. Kev (Kevin Tang) M
53. Edwin (Edwin Shao) M
54. Jakjak (Jak Lau) M
55. Big Kim (Kim Alexandersen) M
56. Lewis (Lewis Glover) M
57. Vickie (Vickie Li) F
58. Audrey (Audrey Chazerand) F
59. YAM JAMS (Jessica Yam) F
60. Andrea (Andrea Ouimette) F
61. BDN (Nick Tsao) M
62. Andy (Andrey Ershov) M
63. Dee (Dennis Lee) M
64. Henry (達 達) M
65. Mastabay (Bay Leung) M
66. Eric (Eric Scott) M
67. Nara (Nara Liang) F
68. HBH (Claire HBH) F
69. Edwin (Chun Yin Li) M
70. Leungie (Alex Leung) M
71. Colin (Colin Wu) M
72. Tim (Timothy Tan) M
73. Calvin Siu (Calvin Siu) M
74. Justin (Billy Justin) M
75. Eric (Eric Lin) M
76. Will (Will Schroeder) M
77. Charlotte (Charlotte Poon) F
78. Rachel (Rachel Epperson) F
79. Rookie Ed (Edward Chu) M
80. Maurice Leung (Kwan Ngai Maurice Leung) M
81. ShitcardWang (xiaofei wang) M
82. Andrew Cheung (Jonathan Tang) M
83. Kerry (Kerry Dandie) F
84. Ricky (Ricky Truong) M
85. Philippe leung (Philippe Leung) M
86. VictorLam (Victor Lam) M
87. Derek (Chan Derek) M
88. quincy (Quincy Wong) M
89. Cici (Cici Wong) F
90. Kayleigh (Kayleigh Yeung) F
91. Derek (Derek Mcalpine ) M
92. Bonnie (Bonnie Chan) F
93. Nic (Nicole Alpert) F
94. Chris (Chris McClelland) M
95. Kwan (Kwan Chow) M
96. Yo chan (樂瑤 陳) F
97. Esther so (Esther So) F
98. Chima (Chima Lawrence) M
99. Lincoln Cheung (Lincoln Cheung) M
100. Bryce (Bryce Cheng) M
101. Aaron (Aaron Chung) M