Shanghai Fall Hat 2016

Fall is upon us once again and you know what that means! Shanghai will host its annual one-day hat tournament on August 27th from 9-5 at the SCSC in Pudong. Everyone is welcome. Wether you are a new player or an experienced veteran, new to Shanghai or lived here all your life, join us and get the season started with a fun day of Ultimate.


Cost / 注册费用:
150 rmb (100 for students) for a full day of Ultimate including lunch and prizes for the winning team. 

hmmm, so what's a hat tournament? Hat tournament什么意思?

2700 Zhangyang Bei Lu,
near Wuzhou Da Dao
Subway: : Wuzhou Avenue (Line 6)
张杨北路2700号, 近五洲大道

  • 微信帐号/WeChat pay: sacha003
  • 现金/Cash

Rosters are out!! 26 Aug 00:53

Hi All!

Here are the rosters for the 1 day hat. There are people on the waiting list so if you see your name on a roster but are not planning to come, please let me know ASAP. First games will start at 9AM sharp. Plan on arriving before 8:45 to meet your teammates and get ready for the games.


4 days to go before the 1 day hat! 离帽子赛只剩4天! 22 Aug 23:49

Hey Everyone!
The one-day hat is almost full! Expect some announcements in the next few days with rosters and games schedule. If for any reason you won't be able to make it please unregister as soon as possible so that you do not put your team at a disadvantage.
See you all on Saturday!

Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Sacha (sacha altimas) M
2. Kevin 宋楷文 (Kevin Schoenmakers) M
3. Tom (Tom Niblock) M
4. Alec (Alec Hutson) M
5. 清枫·pan (清枫 潘) M
6. Dai (peiyan dai) M
7. Ironreavers (Robert Oleksiew) M
8. vito (于 帅) M
9. Chloe (洁怡 陈) F
10. 青涩(Frank Gao) (Frank Gao) M
11. Richarard Xie (Xie ChangHe) M
12. Olivian (Yang Jiao) F
13. Leo (Yuan Zhao) M
14. Daisy Lin (daisy lin) F
15. Alice (Alice Wang) F
16. Arnold (Chengyu Wu) M
17. Frank (Zhang ziyan) M
18. Sean (冯 泳钦) M
19. Esther阿聪 (Lee Esther) F
20. voca (方豪 叶) M
21. Eva Gao (Eva Gao) F
22. CJ (Jiehong Chen) M
23. Faron (Faron Young) M
24. Greg (Greg Thomas) M
25. Wendy (思苇 翁) F
26. JC (Juan Rico) M
27. Gary (Jiaren Xu) M
28. Kevin (Kevin Song) M
29. AG (Alan Gao) M
30. Dave (Dave Somerville) M
31. william (ruoyi tan) M
32. 天啸 (徐 天啸) M
33. Jerry (Jerry Hu) M
34. Tomas (Tomas Huang) M
35. Samantha (Samantha Yang) F
36. Victoria (Victoria Huang) F
37. Damien (Damien Wang) M
38. Crystal (Crystal Suo) F
39. well (well zheng) F
40. Daniel (Daniel Lee) M
41. 小龙 (应 小龙) M
42. Yohanna (Yohanna Yang) F
43. JoyceWang (Wang Joyce) F
44. Katie (Katie Marie Evans) F
45. Dax (Dax Haas) M
46. silliwilli01 (william tseng) M
47. john (Zhang Chen) M
48. Curtis (Curtis Harnisch) M
49. Daisy (daisy hong) F
50. 小黑 (Joan Xia) F
51. Franky (Frank Xia) M
52. Kerric (Kerric Knowles) M
53. rosie (James Anderson) M
54. Adam Lerman (Adam Lerman) M
55. Taiwan Dave (David Paulk) M
56. Gary Gong (Gary 弓昊楠) M
57. Kat (Kat Tse) F
58. Forrest (Forrest Li) M
59. K (Kyosuke Yokota) M
60. Nick (Nick Scott) M
61. Maria (Maria Mao) F
62. Mousy (Mousy Wang) M
63. Sarah (Sarah Jones) F
64. Scott (Scott Lassey) M
65. JoeWilson (Joseph Wilson) M
66. Eva (Eva Zhang) F
67. Jack Sparrow (jack Chen) M
68. Owen (Owen Churchill) M
69. seven (xu seven) M
70. 待曙 (calvin lu) M
71. Ben (Ben Gutscher) M
72. gloriaaaaaa (Gloria Chen) F
73. Jacky (Jacky Song) M
74. Maddy (Madeleine Taylor) F
75. Joggy (千秋 刘) M
76. Shawn GU (Shawn Gu) M
77. Jason (Yifan Miao) M
78. Keith (Keisuke Sugihara) M
79. Brady (Brady Riddle) M
80. 醒目 (Matt Wang) M
81. Buck (Andrew Buck) M
82. 🌸🍊 (櫻澄 蔡) M
83. tatsuya (达也 奥野) M
84. 娜娜 (Nadine Golding) F
85. jaymartyn (Jay Martyn) M
86. Terry (Terry Yuan) M
87. 吴雅婷 (Cecilia Wu) F
88. King (王 炎) M
89. Paul Simpson M
90. Kiki (Kiki Huang) F
91. Luke (Luke Martineac) M
92. YAO (Si Jiong Yao) M