2016 Hangzhou Halloween Hangover Hat 2016

2016 Hangzhou Halloween Hangover Hat(2016 HHHH)

When: Sat - Sun, 29 Oct -  30 Oct 2016
时间:2016年10月29日 - 30日
Where: Hangzhou, China
Registration: Register and pay before 2016 Oct 16th 23:59 P.M.170 spots available this year.
Registration fee:
RMB 300 for Full time Chinese students;
RMB 350 for others
比赛报名: 报名以及缴费截止于10月16日23:59 P.M,共计170个参赛名额名额
报名费用: 中国学生300元;工作人士350元
Payments Method: AliPay - See full details in the Payments Method (Click Here)

Hey there Ultimate Friends, We are going to host our 6th annual Hangzhou Hat!我们很高兴的宣布,今年杭州飞盘将举办我们的第六届杭州HAT(分组)极限飞盘赛
Hangzhou is one of China's most scenic cities and the host city of the G20 Summit. It's just a 50 minute high speed train ride S-W of Shanghai near the central eastern coast of the Chinese mainland.“上有天堂,下有苏杭”,杭州是中国最美丽的城市之一,2016 G20的主办城市,交通便利:高铁距上海50分钟,南京70分钟,宁波60分钟。还等什么呢?!

Last year, Hangzhou Halloween Hangover Hat welcomed more than 230 players from all over the world, making it one of the largest hat tournaments in China. This year we will deliver an even higher quality of  tournament. Our host Miki has arranged 4 real grass ultimate fields and a special venue for an epic Halloween party. . For all you new players out there, hat tournaments are a great experience since your team Captain and the other experienced players will be passing on heaps of great Ultimate strategies and tips in order to get their team performing like a well-oiled machine as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, hat tournaments also aim to be FUN and social experiences too. 作为国内最大的hat赛事之一,去年的杭州赛一共吸引了230余名来自世界各地的盘友。今年,我们将继续秉承以往的比赛和PARTY质量的要求,为大家奉上一场更高水准的比赛。主办人MIKI为我们准备了4片真草场地作为比赛场地和一个PARTY场地。对于新接触飞盘的盘友而言,HAT赛事从你们的队长和其他有经验的选手身上获得比赛技战术经验的最佳时机,同时,较严肃、激烈的公开赛,HAT则显得轻松和愉快,也是你结识新朋友的好时机哦!!

The fee covers:
- A Hangzhou Hat plants-vs-zombies reversible pinnie
- Drinks on the field
- Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner; Sunday breakfast and lunch
- Saturday night costume party and unlimited beer
- More souvenirs are on their way
- 杭州HAT 植物大战僵尸飞盘背心
- 周六早中晚三餐,周日早餐和午餐
- 周六晚狂欢派对和畅饮啤酒
- 还有更多惊喜和奖品

The fee does not cover:
- Hotel
- Transportation to/from Hangzhou, or dinner on Friday night
- 住宿费
- 往返杭州的交通费

HHHH Discraft Disc!

- Fri, 28 Oct - Pre-Party + Hat Teams drawing (Attendance is optional)
- Sat, 29 Oct: 4 Pool games + Dinner + Costume Party (Be there or be square! Friends may join us for a fee)
- Sun, 30 Oct: 3 Cross-over games + Final + Prize ceremony
- 周五,10.28: 热身party+分组抽签仪式(自愿参与)
- 周六,10.29: 小组比赛+聚餐+派对狂欢(不见不散!亲友家属参与需要支付晚餐费用)
- 周日,10.30: 淘汰赛 + 半决赛 + 决赛 + 颁奖典礼

The 6th Hangzhou Hat event handbook with info on the tournament format, travel info, suggested hotels and other important details will be provided after you register
If you have any further inquires, then shoot us an email at:  Hangzhouultimate@gmail.com
如有仍和疑问请电邮至 Hangzhouultimate@gmail.com
The party theme this year is Plants vs Zombies. The zombies are coming!!! Brains!!!
Hangzhou Ultimate/杭州飞盘
President – Miki Tse  俱乐部主席 – Miki Tse
Head Coach – Daniel Tremblay-Sher     
主教练  - Daniel Tremblay-Sher      
Hangzhou Hat Committee
Tournament Director - Miki
Technical Director – Cara Su, DTS, Jack Zhao

Here are highlights of past Hangzhou Hats往年赛事精彩回顾 i

(Photo Credit: MIki Xie, UltiPro, 梁壮)

See you guys in Hangzhou!

Friday Live Drawing Party 周五抽签PARTY 27 Oct 06:55

Hi All,

Friday live drawing party will be at Pinjiang Hotel 1st Fl. 239 Xueyuan Rd. Living drawing starts at 8!


飞盘精神评比/Spirit Award 20 Oct 17:32

1) 没有裁判,彼此相互判罚
2) 公平竞赛
3) 尊重对手和队友
4) 避免主观身体接触
5) 男生和女生有同等的竞争机会
6) 享受比赛
(Trent Simmons)
Captains will be completing postgame spirit reviews. The team with the highest overall score wins the Spirit Award.
1) No referee is needed: hold...

Handbook 20 Oct 17:22

比赛时间/Date 2016年10月29日 - 30日 29th-30th October 2016

Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, Xiasha Campus (ZUFE)East StadiumField 1&2
18 Xueyuan St, Jianggan District,
 Hangzhou Hangzhou Normal...

酒店/Accommodation 20 Oct 14:21

联系人 陈欣  手机17826857829 微信15833131276  
价格:双人标准间170/间/晚 单人大床间170/间/晚  
Foreign players please contact us, and we will sort out the hotel reservation and check-in for you...

Entry Fees and Payment Method 报名费以及缴费方式 01 Oct 04:38

Here's all you need to know. Should you have any questions or require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email. HangzhouUltimate@gmail.com

Please note, your registration is not complete until we receive your payment. You...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Jackz (Jack Zhao) M
2. Cara (Cara Su) F
3. LFAristotle (Tim Flanders) M
4. 57 (xi wu) F
5. xkaycee (Kay Cee) F
6. Kiger (Kenny Chan) M
7. Chloe (洁怡 陈) F
8. voca (方豪 叶) M
9. Amberber (Amber Xu) F
10. 小黑 (小黑 Lin) M
11. Olivian (Yang Jiao) F
12. Richarard Xie (Xie ChangHe) M
13. Wayne (ZiWei Wu) M
14. shybee (xiaoqian han) F
15. Heygo (Wu Pengcheng) M
16. 朱宝顺 (Xiaoming Zhu) M
17. Chuan (Zeyi Wu) M
18. Shane (Shane Yu) F
19. Loki (励 郑) M
20. DJ (DJ 钱) M
21. Kevin (Kuo Liao) M
22. David (Hengyi Zhang ) M
23. Leo (Li Zining) M
24. 待曙 (calvin lu) M
25. Frank (Zhang ziyan) M
26. Cris (黎 瑞辰) M
27. Lukas Yan (小 颜) M
28. Hot Moon (yue yan) F
29. 船长 (Chalice Wu) M
30. (Yu H Z) M
31. King (王 炎) M
32. zeng (Ming Zeng) M
33. Angel (Angel Lin) F
34. Lindsey (Lindsey Hua) F
35. Dan (於 俊宇) M
36. JJ (Junjie Yang) M
37. tom (tom lian) M
38. Lana (ChaoNan Lan) F
39. (Taolue Xiong) M
40. (Peng Miao) F
41. Shawn GU (Shawn Gu) M
42. 更更SIx (Gengyu Liu) M
43. BAOLEBAO (Jing Bao) M
44. Olga Z (Olga Zolotarenko) F
45. Marty (Martin Hudynek) M
46. Etienne (Etienne Créton) M
47. Sophia (曹玥盈 侯) F
48. Ivory (Ivory Zhan) F
49. Onion (杨松 王) M
50. NiMa (Ni Ma) M
51. Daze (Xieyuan Zheng) M
52. cali (Cali Ren) F
53. spider (zixuan wang) M
54. Soya (Soya Chen) F
55. Storm James (James Liu) M
56. Sean (Sean Feng) M
57. Nine (Qian Jiankun) M
58. David (Zhaohua Pang) M
59. Evanna (Evanna Gao) F
60. 青南 (何 青南) F
61. 天啸 (徐 天啸) M
62. Terry (润楷 杜) M
63. 扎克老师 (Zack Zhao) M
64. 小龙 (应 小龙) M
65. 阿杰 (yanjie Li) M
66. 贺贺 (贺 婷) F
67. 阿鲁 (Pingying Huang) F
68. payen (俞 沛辰) M
69. Collin (Jingchang Ma) M
70. Michael (RuiHan Xu) M
71. Thor (Wenjun Yue) M
72. Zean (Zean Xu) F
73. 昊天 (Haotian Xu) M
74. 玉米 (Yuming Zheng) F
75. Young (Zhao Jian) M
76. fish (Beiyi Chen) F
77. will (Weicheng Huang) M
78. joe (江 晟豪) M
79. Jason (Yifan Miao) M
80. (Xueyang Xiao) M
81. Tam (Weisheng Tan) M
82. 苗苗 (Miao Di) M
83. 阿锥 (Audrey Cai) F
84. Anthony (Hao Xu) M
85. 白夜 (毓骁 白) M
86. Cyril (zhihan wang) M
87. 鸟语 (Yaoyu Chen) M
88. Giraffe (Xiaolin Liu) M
89. Mike (cai han) M
90. Jessy (Jessy Ren) F
91. Steven (YiKai Luo) M
92. Tracy (yang yue) F
93. thor (孙 轶泽) M
94. Wendy (思苇 翁) F
95. Nix (Xin Su) M
96. seven (xu seven) M
97. 班布 (Wang Lu) M
98. Jiajia (JIAJIA Chen) F
99. Six (Yaxuan Liu) M
100. DTS (Daniel Tremblay-Sher) M
101. Hana (Lyu Qingyang) F
102. 小郭 (shibao guo) M
103. RAY (fanyu meng) F
104. Wendy (Sixue Chen) F
105. 阿男 (Isaac Pan) M
106. 天天 (Zhu Yantian) M
107. Wolf (Pengcheng Fu) M
108. Leo (zhiyuan shen) M
109. Grace GDY (Grace Guo) F
110. 苏苏 (Sijia Chen) F
111. Chloe (Xinyang Xia) F
112. Astrid (Xue NingBing) F
113. Selina (Selina OuYang) F
114. Kevin 宋楷文 (Kevin Schoenmakers) M
115. Fre (Yiting Wang) F
116. Alex (Chen Chule) M
117. Monking (How Shi) M
118. Red (Hailuo Song) M
119. L (Lily Chen) F
120. Miriam (Miriam Chasnov) F
121. Josh.Xu (Josh Xu) M
122. Billy (Bill Utada) M
123. peter (zhang qiming) M
124. wangjun (wang jun) M
125. XINCHEN (Xinchen Jiang) F
126. silliwilli01 (william tseng) M
127. Sam chen (陈 一扬) M
128. 乐乐 (Jiang Le) M
129. Double (lei lei) M
130. Bruce (Linjia Su) M
131. john (Zhang Chen) M
132. JiZa (振 吕) M
133. Dicos (XinHui Huang) M
134. Richard (Yi Ren) M
135. Martin (Xu Martin) M
136. Sam (Sam Boone) M
137. Ian (Anyang Wu) M
138. miki (miki xie) M
139. Ruby (Ruby Peng) F
140. yao (Yao Chen) M
141. Thunder (Vadim Nahalov) M
142. 楠哥 (Nan Jin) F
143. Peter (Peter Liu) M
144. WENJUN (文君 陆) F
145. yy (yiwei yuan) M
146. Lucas (Lucas Fang) M
147. dan (liu Dan) M
148. Jeff (一荣 谢) M
149. Alice (RUI LI) F
150. god liang (崔 雪豪) M
151. zikki (zikki zhao) F
152. Sherlock (Holm Belsheim) M
153. Chao (OAHC UW) M
154. Backward (Q W) M
155. Power (Wenzhuo Zheng) M
156. Jason-Wu (吴 加星) M
157. YKK (杨 昊昀) M
158. Mitch (Michelle Mac Lennan) F
159. Manuel A. (Manuel Alvarez) M
160. Valorie (Wenrui Ma) F
161. kshantie (Kristina Shalygina) F
162. Erin (Xin Chen) F
163. Rellson (rellson rellson) M
164. Eva Gao (Eva Gao) F
165. Hao (Hao Liu) M
166. HD (达 霍) M
167. AJ (晉杰 莊) M
168. Tracey (hang shi) F
169. cherry (Chang Chengxi) F
170. Fay (Fay Lu) F
171. yue zhang (越 张) F
172. (Ruoge Liu) F
173. George (George Walker) M
174. Regulus (Yuqin Zhang) M
175. 阿Z (Yuzhi WANG) F
176. Esther (雪 梅) F
177. 月林 (Yuelin Liu) M
178. Victor (yifei wang) M
179. 玩玩 (Yuanwen Shu) F
180. GAO CHAO (Jin chao Gao) M
181. Fei (Xiaofei Wang) M
182. Xing (Xing Guo) F
183. Kyle (陈 心宇) M
184. Severus (Hanning Lu) M
185. Anna (Fang Anna) F