Guam Hat 2017

Welcome to the 5th Annual Guam Land and Sand Hat Tournament (aka Cinco de Hato). Like in years past, this is a 2 day hat tournament. The first day is on some of the best grass Asia has to offer. The second day, you get a new team for a beach hat right in front of a bar. $40 player fee gets you a jersey, food both days, beers at the field, and a Saturday night party that takes you south of the border. Off-islanders generally get hooked up with a local player for free accommodation.
When you sign-up, be sure to put your shirt size down in the comments section. If you sign up early enough (by April 15) you'll be ensured the shirt size you ordered. If not, you may get stuck with whatever's leftover or none at all. Gracias amigos!
Can't wait to see everyone on island at the end of May!
Check out the facebook event page for all updates here:

Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Sunshine (Matt Heibel) M
2. Christian (Christian Haas) M
3. Don (Donald Collier) M
4. Leppercon (Kevin Lepp) M
5. Sean (Sean Tucker) M
6. Martos (Martin Kastner) M
7. Trey (Trey Dunn) M
8. Joe (Joe Glasrud) M
9. Steinberg/Skyberg (David Steinberg) M
10. Jodie (Jodie Barnhouse) F
11. Brian (Brian Flaherty) M
12. Zac (Zac Caldwell) M
13. Darrin (Darrin Davis) M
14. B-Mur (Brian Murray) M
15. Jordan (Jordan Leidel) F
16. Christa (Christa Shen) F
17. Nick (Nick Toft) M
18. Jess (Jessica Toft) F
19. H (Haldre Rogers) F
20. Seth (Seth Horton ) M
21. Brown Note (Toby Theisen) M
22. Fitz (Sara Fitzpatrick) F
23. Mike (Michael Manglona) M
24. Chris (Christiana-Jo Quinata) F
25. Robocop (John Espe) M
26. Melanie (Melanie Harvey) F
27. TimO (Tim O'Rourke) M
28. Paul Burton M
29. Larla (Larla Brown) F
30. Boom (Boom Boom) M
31. Erin (Erin McCann) F
32. kawika (kawika davis) M
33. erin (Erin Flanagan) M
34. RTR (Keith Longuski) M
35. Eileen (Eileen Flanagan) F
36. Andrea (Andrea Hershberger) F
37. Will (Will Schroeder) M
38. Natards (Natalie Hill) F
39. Dad Bod (Steven Beyer) M
40. Amanda (Amanda Allen) F
41. BoomLawyered (Robby Glass) M
42. Cris (Cristina Tabet) F
43. Rachel (Rachel Epperson) F
44. mik (Miku Nashu Torres) M
45. Cole (Cole Chambers) M
46. Dalia (Dalia Hernández) F
47. JoeMcCoy (Joe McCoy) M
48. Tyler (Tyler Joseph) M
49. Will (Will Wells) M
50. Nick (Emmanuel Palomo) M
51. Drew (Drew Burton) M
52. Matt (Matt Giovannoni) M
53. Andrew (Andrew Burke) M
54. Murph (Christopher Murphy) M
55. Peter (Peter Houk) M
56. Tommy (Tommy West) M
57. Drew (Andrew Sorce ) M
58. McPeanut (Jason Flory) M
59. Rebar (Stephan Hampton ) M
60. Josh (Joshua Burke) M
61. Jon Jon (Jonathan Phenix) M
62. Chris Wyatt (Christopher Wyatt) M
63. Ryan (Ryan deRegnier) M
64. Jared (Jared Hicks) M
65. Dave hicks (Jared Hicks) M
66. Pete (Peter Crispell) M
67. Michael (Michael Harris) M
68. david (david combosch) M
69. Anna (Gajee Parsons) F
70. Johnny (Johnathan Gilbreth) M
71. Tan Steve (Steven Johnson) M
72. Inna (inna wiese) F
73. Brent (Brent Doire) M
74. Nellie (Chris Nelson) M
75. Jake (Jake Lockwood) M
76. Mason (William Mccall) M
77. Brittney (Brittney Durbin) F