ESO 2017

It's tournament time again! 

Academia Británica Cuscatleca (British School)
Santa Tecla 
El Salvador
Date & Time: 
Saturday, March 11th
Hat format
8:30am until early afternoon
Sunday,  March 12th
Team grudge matches (El Salvador vs Guatemala City vs Antigua/Xela...)
Start time 8:30am (we will be finished by lunchtime to allow for travel time back home)
$12 per player (includes t-shirt, food and drinks)

Registration closes March 3rd.
We ask that people try to arrive by 30 mins before the starting time, to give time for last minute team adjustments and warm-up. 

What to bring: Appropriate footwear for grass pitches, a light shirt and a dark shirt, good spirit, and sunscreen as needed. 

Food/drinks: There will be some food trucks by the pitches selling lunch and snacks. Free water, Gatorade/Electrolit and bananas will also be available.

Saturday afternoon/night: Cool off with a dip in the pool at the school, followed by after party at Joel's with with BBQ
Food and some drinks will be provided, beer runs will always be welcome! 
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Lucas (Lucas DiMauro) M
2. Doff (Corinne Doff) F
3. Tuppers (Matthew Tupling) M
4. Syts (Matt Sytsma) M
5. Graham (Graham Brewer) M
6. Burns (Elle Bee) F
7. Julian (Julian Galdamez) M
8. Justin (Justin Klubnik) M
9. Paul (Joseph Salvador) M
10. Cristian Guirola (Cristian Guirola) M
11. Krystal (krystal cordero) F
12. Aiken (Jason Russell) M
13. Soph (Sophia Wertz) F
14. Hood (Ozie Hood) M
15. Julie Shizas (Julie Boolie) F
16. Tate (Tate Telford) M
17. Kdawg (Kaden Torriente) M
18. Hush (Hushmand Esmaeili) M
19. Carlos (Carlos Galdamez) M
20. fx (Frank Quinn) M
21. Gwinner (Chris Gwinner) M
22. Fancy Nancy (Claire Henkel) F
23. Tyler (Tyler Hollenbach) M
24. Steve (Steve Cook) M
25. Hammstarr (Hunter Ryan) M
26. Mark (Mark Lussier) M
27. Bigote Williamson "Big Will" (Sean Williamson ) M
28. Ndenn (Nick Denny) M
29. Alan (Alan Pocasangre) M
30. Mike (Mike Pocasangre Umali) M
31. Bill (Bill Bruihler) M
32. Madison (Madison Acree) F
33. Hickey (Stavros Hickey) M
34. Miguel Semanas (Michael Weeks) M
35. Elo (Elodie Butel) F
36. Lukas (Lukas Bruihler) M
37. Jake (Jake Leonardis) M
38. Kath (Kathryn Snyder ) F
39. NA (Not Alex Definitely not Alex) F
40. James (James Richardson) M
41. Lukus (Lukus Brody) M
42. Colin (Colin Machado) M
43. Val (Valerie Machado) F
44. Javier Avila (Javier Avila) M
45. Luke Carpenter M
46. MiguelValiente (Miguel Angel Valiente) M
47. Jorge (Jorge Montufar) M
48. Juloche (Julie Siata) F
49. Rory (Rory Kavanagh) M